Sunday 7 May 2017

My 2017 Birthday Photos - Inspired by My Favourite Things

Hey guys, long time no speak!
I know I've been MIA and there's no real explanation for that but trust me, I'm still looking for that balance. If you've got any tips, please leave them below!

I've been making plans for you, but I'm working on execution and I don't want to say too much just yet. However, yesterday was my birthday so I released the photos below to celebrate my special day. I decided to do a shoot this year because I just really wanted to do something different. I'm usually just the "stay at home and eat cake with family" kinda girl but I thought a beauty shoot would be fun.

I had fun in the studio with all my people (find them below), it felt like a birthday party on its own. The themes for the shoot were inspired by some of my favourite things, my hair, flowers, colours, red lip and music, most especially Fela's music. 

Hope you like the pictures!



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