Monday 30 December 2013

My Fave 2013 Outfits

It's the first day of 2014 on Tuesday and I'm happy that I've had a good run with 2013, I'm honestly ready for the new year and all that God has planned for me cuz 2013 was awesome and He was good to me. I know that God's been good to you if you are alive to read this post so please, be sure to thank Him amidst the merriment of the season. :)

Thanks to Him I got my first nephew Efe, I graduated from Uni, got a job and survived NYSC camp, met the most amazing person (hello sir!), bought my dream bag and let go of some unwanted baggage as well. I've learnt so much and grown a lot more this passed year and by His grace I'm only going to get better because He is not done with me. I might be leaving somethings out but I want to thank God for the most important thing of all, Life.

If I didn't have life I wouldn't even have this blog and lovely followers like you who visit my blog so often even when I'm clearly slacking or when life gets in the way, and I say thank you again! 

I thought of doing this post a while ago and I never really worked on it but my friend Sade of inmysundaybest had like the best layout and she inspired me to finally do it! These aren't all my outfits from 2013 but I'd say they are my fave ones hence the post title, and looking back I'd say they were pretty decent so it's safe to say I'm proud of my 2013 style choices. I'm no stylist but I think I've nailed it when it comes to looking stylish but still being comfortable and the best thing is I'm still growing and my style is still evolving.
I hope you enjoy this post and have an awesome new year celebration as 2013 comes to an end! xo


Wednesday 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas Everyone!

It's almost midnight but Merry Christmas Everyone!!! 
May the joy of the Lord be with you all this season and I hope everyone had a wonderful day, I know I did! 
My heart goes out to all those who have lost their loved ones this season, I pray the Lord comforts you all and you find joy in Him amidst the pain you may feel. It's so sad that the best times of the year are usually the times that negative people choose to steal the joy of others. People wake up in the morning, pray and plan their whole day ahead of them. Only to get on with it and not even get the chance to have dinner with their family that night or say goodbye to them. It's so unfortunate.
To those of us lucky to see this day, I pray our lives are preserved till 2014 and it'll be a great year for us all. May God protect us all.
That's me in my "christmas dress", makes me remember the times when I was much younger and getting a christmas outfit became an ultimatum for almost everything I did. Like do this or no christmas dress, do that or no christmas shoe, now we buy our own christmas outfit depending on the funds available lol. Sometimes I wish I could be that young again, I don't even get christmas gifts anymore, sad times.
So how did you spend this special day? 
I spent mine with family stuffing my face with food, after going to church :)
A little advice, don't blow all you money on christmas or eat for the world in one day, cuz by His grace there's going to be a tomorrow and you want to have some food and money left over!
Ok, enough chit chat. I do have some outfit posts lined up, some old some new and they'll be up sometime soon, even more pictures from today as well!
Thanks again for your support and for always visiting my blog! God bless! x

Wednesday 11 December 2013

The Orange Boots

Well hello there!
I'm not about to give an excuse for my recent hiatus because we should already know that sometimes life gets in the way of things. Then there's the issue of irregular internet which is so annoying but life goes on anyway. I think I've almost forgotten how to blog... but let's get on with it and we'll see

I've been trying to sort out myself and continue with NYSC, seriously cannot wait till this NYSC year is over honestly, and I haven't even started actual service!
The extent to which things are disorganized seriously baffles me, like it definitely irritating but all I can do is laugh. How do you post corpers to places (schools and such) that don't even take NYSC corpers in the first place? then when they get rejected there's a whole merry go round process they have to go through to get a place to work then get accepted and THEN do the necessary registration processes that can take almost one week depending on the moods of the people you meet there. 
From what my parents and older relatives have told me, it was fun back in the day like people actually looked forward to going for their service year but now its just something else. Like a necessary evil and unnecessary stress, it's just ridiculous.
Even after venting from now till tomorrow, shey I will still do the one year service? Sigh
You should also check Feyi's blog for more pictures and her NYSC experience story.

Just incase you missed it (because I know my last blog spot was total rubbish), I did a feature with Fola! I absolutely love her blogs, the info, features, everything! Please check it out here and show my girl some love!

Continue reading for more NYSC pictures. The good, the bad and the ugly pants that just won't fit ^^^


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