Tuesday 25 November 2014

Green Circles

What's not to love about this dress?
Dress: My mums... Thank God for stylish mothers!!!
Belt: Vintage
Necklace: Zara
Shoes: Kampke.com

Tuesday 18 November 2014

Hair Talk: My Routine

Everyone has a routine that works for them, it could be for skin care, exercise and fitness or even a routine to simply get ready in the morning. In this post I'll be talking about my hair care routine that has been the norm for me for over 2 years. This could help inspire your hair care routine (if you don't already have one) and help create something that works best for you and the health of your hair.

I’m always doing one protective style or the other, which I usually have on for about 2 weeks to a month. While my hair is hidden I spray a water and coconut oil mixture in my hair whenever I feel it getting a bit dry. Sometimes if I can, I'll put in some leave in conditioner or I might even co-wash my hair depending on the protective style I have on.

The Curly 'Fro
When I take the style out I detangle, wash and deep condition. When it comes to deep conditioning, some people do it before washing and some people do it after, sometimes I prefer both because I love to co-wash my hair. I just really love having conditioner in my hair and I think co-washing and deep conditioning are about the same if not very similar. What do you think? And do you prefer to deep condition your hair before or after washing? (Leave a comment and let me know :)

Depending on how my hair feels I could do a protein or hot oil treatment but my favourite thing to do is deep condition.
After my wash day process, I do bantu twists myself for a twist out look the next morning. This is my favourite natural hair style to rock, the curly 'fro.


Monday 10 November 2014

Purple Leaves & Green Flowers

Purple... It's my fave colour but I don't wear it a lot. 
Fact is, this is the ONLY purple item of clothing I own, aside from my pyjamas and satin bonnet for bed time =D
Hope you're having a great Monday so far!
I got the dress from a market in London last year and decided to pair it with these green heels from Zara to compliment the colours and floral print on the dress.

Wednesday 5 November 2014

Choose Wisely cont. - Peace Oseyenum

This is the continuation from part one here, which was for this guys but this is for you Ladies!
Dear Madame,
I understand that you need stability, as a man I must provide. 
As a female you need protection and security. I mean how could I take you from the comfort if your fathers house and bring you a world of unnecessary struggle due to my inability to save and work hard to provide for our household.

Google Images
But if I told you that money wasn't the all in all, would you still be committed? If I lost it all today would you still reflect the unconditional love of God? Would you still respect me? Would you still submit?

I can assure you now, that if there is any doubt in your mind and any of the above questions have the answer of no, then it's best we go our separate ways now. It's not because I don't love you, it's because I don't want you to be with me for the things that I have the same way you don't want me to choose you for the looks you have. The bible doesn't promise a problem free life, in fact he warns us that trials and tribulations will come! 

So babe are you that helpmate? Are you the one to calm the storm or will you just add thunder? Are you the supporter or the hater? Will you intercede with me at hard-times or gossip with your girls about our problems. He who finds a wife finds a good thing. So choose wisely


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