Sunday 9 December 2012

Where's your Happy Place?

"My point? No matter how bad things get, and no matter how hard and tough it looks like it’s going to get, we have to find that one thing that keeps us happy and alive. Think about a happy place, real or imagined, and hold on to it." 
Got that from here
Feel free to read it but your Happy Place is basically somewhere you go either real or imagined that takes you away from the harsh realities of life for just a few. A place for you to chill and get your sanity back. Kinda like a mini holiday destination cuz let's be honest life really drives us crazy and sometimes we just need to get away.
I've got a lot of happy places simply because they keep me alive and happiness is actually really important to me. Remember the post I did on Negativity? It's all part of it cuz we all need positive energy around us. I'm happiest when I'm with my family, listening to music, night out with family or friends, SLEEPING!, laughing, when I'm in Lagos, I love Lagos. I'm easily amused so I laugh a lot and I'm happy when I'm laughing and thats's one reason why I like the saying "never regret anything that made you smile" or laugh or happy because at least for that moment you felt happiness. x

Philippians 4:7 


Saturday 8 December 2012


Hey! I'm doing pretty good right? 3rd day in a row even though it's all just scheduled Lol. Hope everyone is well! This is an old outfit of the day post from the library, where I have been spending most of my time wisely. Background/scenery isn't that great but that has never really been one of my strengths either. I'll try to put in more effort in that aspect I've already made progress with my camera so little by little. I have a wig on here, it just seemed fast and easy to do that and tie a turban with my scarf. If you want to know how, there are a lot of tutorials on youtube I'm sure are easy to follow and learn from. It's another staple style for me on bad hair days. Hope you like the pictures. x


Friday 7 December 2012

Free Food at Strada

My friend Omowunmi (don't know how she did it) got a free three course meal deal at Strada for 4 people, Thank you Jesus! So we all went out and had a little girls night out which was fun, it's always nice to have a little bants in the midst of all the uni stress. Get ready to be hungry guys! I'm going to cut the post cuz the pictures are quite a lot. x


Congratz to Papa Bear

My dad was awarded with an honorary doctorate in Nigeria recently and I am really proud of him! Read his interview with Punch Newspaper here. My brother Osagie was there to show support and he sent some pictures. AND he has a new grand daughter! I have a new niece as well! My older brother and his wife had a beautiful baby girl, Amenze. So now Eki has Emi & Ami! :) Love my girls!


Thursday 6 December 2012

Happy Birthday Mirabel!

Happy birthday doll! God bless you and I love you lots hub... you too like rockiz!! Lol Old woman. I'm convinced that you're that friend that'll never admit she's old when we're older. You're just gona keep doing whatever the young folk do lol x


Went to Maidstone for a day with Mirabel & Kate. It was fun till it started raining really heavily and our silly brown paper bag primark bags decided to give up on us. Took a few pictures on the bus so here they are.

Tuesday 4 December 2012

Busy Bee!

Let's catch up guys, forgive me for the impromptu hiatus but there's a good explanation for it. I'm leaving for Lagos a week early so I need to finish all my deadlines ASAP.  I also had a presentation as well and that went well thank God, I thought I was going to mess it up and mix up my words but It actually went better than I expected. So yes I've been busy but I promise to improve I really miss blogging. Don't forget to follow the blog guys and leave comments as well...

Before I go let me leave you with a few things I've watched and enjoyed recently.
Every Kanye Sample Ever
I used to be a die hard Kanye fan but not so much anymore but this just reminded me of what a genius he is.

Real Story Of Nigeria
An insight into the history of the great country of Nigeria... I loved it. My fave part? "I'm A Hustla", look out for that part if you watch it. Loved the Fela parts as well, forever a fan!

Hope you're all fine and having a good week so far!

P.S: Guess who bought a new camera? x



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