Tuesday 28 January 2014

Bluetiful Skirt

In this post here I spoke about the new way people wear iro and buba and how I wanted to try that out. I have made a proper one that I'm going to wear soon but I was playing around with this maxi skirt I bought from Zara a while ago and somehow, I ended up with this and it reminds me a lot of the twisty wrapper. Love maxi skirts! They can get both a skirt and a dress and when you play around with it, you never know what you can come up with! I wore it to church and styled it differently, air conditioning in church can kill sometimes so I put on a jacket
Aubin & Wills jacket, Asos cami, Zara skirt, Alexander Wang rocco and Next sandals

Monday 20 January 2014

Its All In The Waistcoat

I love how you can make something new from something you already own and add a bit of character to something old that you have. Like ripped jeans, a plain/patch work skirt with some frayed edges, or a t-shirt with a wider neckline that just falls over your shoulder revealing a bit of skin, Oh I love! I think it just adds some extra personality to your outfit and says a little more about your personal style. 
I love all that but my favorite has to be any form of embellishment especially beading and this waistcoat just takes the cake, it was one of those I had to have it when I saw it pieces for me. I obviously didn't do this myself but I honestly wish I did, it's nice to be able to add a bit of bling to something old to bring a bit of life back to it and with this outfit it's all about the waistcoat. If it had no embellishment it may not even make it to production not to mention the shop floor or even my wardrobe.
Writing this is making me think a lot about creative DIY projects I could do to revive my wardrobe this year, like what I did here with my shirt but this time I'd try beading and see how nice my beading skills are. Again it's one thing to think it or say it but another to actually do it so let's see how that goes. 
For the rest of the outfit I decided to do minimal make up and keep things extra simple with all black blasic and the waistcoat as a statement piece.
P.S: I'm still rocking my protective style and I'm loving it!
Zara waistcoat, Topshop crop top and hoops, American Apparel easy jeans in black, YSL arty ring, Asos silver rings, bracelet from my sister and necklace from my mama

Tuesday 14 January 2014

Hair Talk: Versatile Protective Styling || Myths

This is what my hair currently looks and people say it makes me look a lot younger like I'm in secondary school but I wanted to try something different without extensions and wigs and I'm really enjoying it. It's very simple and easy to manage because I have easy access to my hair and scalp, I oil my scalp better and moisturize my hair a lot more with simply water and coconut oil. My ends are tucked in which is one of the great things about protective styling, protecting the oldest part of your hair and keeping it moisturized. The best part is when I'm ready to take out the twists it'll look like a 'frohawk cuz of the braided sides shown in the picture. So it's also quite versatile especially for the natural working girls who love a bit of TGIF fun, take out your twists for a funky Friday/Saturday hairstyle and do something new on Sunday for work the next week or stick to the same style, whichever you prefer. I'll definitely do a post when I've taken out the twists but I'm enjoying this updo with a mix of twists and braids. I really should do styles like this more often.
Still on the topic of hair, since moving back to Nigeria I've heard all sorts of myths ideologies and beliefs that I just can't deal with. I've heard someone say "people with relaxed hair will go to hell" and "when you relax your hair the chemical seeps through your scalp into your brain and causes cancer/brain damage" O_O 
But what about my skull?
What some people have to say about wearing anklets is even funnier, someone asked my friend if she's an obanje (a witch) or an abiku (a child that dies and comes back repeatedly), another said she's tying her destiny to the ground. COME ON People! 
It sounds too ridiculous but it's always nice for a good laugh especially if you're having a rough day. 
Don't hesitate to share any myths you might have heard about anything so we can all have a laugh.
Have a great week guys and remember healthy hair is the goal with either relaxed or natural hair. 

Wednesday 8 January 2014

Red Tassels

I got this tassel necklace from the Victoria and Albert museum before I left London. Once I saw it I knew if I didn't buy it I'd definitely regret it, just like my blue shoes and mirror sunglasses I just had to have them! I think it's a nice statement piece, you can wear it long or short and red is always a nice pop of colour more so with the gold hardware but the fact that it was tassels just made me love it even more.
I changed quite a lot for this post, was trying to see which combination I liked most and I Love the skirt and heels combo but my favorite part of this outfit is the peplum top. I can't get tired of peplum, I love it and I always will. There are just some things I'll never get tired of, peplum and flat comfy shoes are at the top of that list!
Oh and before I forget, pick your fave!
Zara top, New Look skirt, Michael Michael Kors heels, thrifted French Connection belt.
And the next three pictures all have one thing in common...

Sunday 5 January 2014

Two Thousand And Fourteen

So this right here is my first blog post this new year and the first of many more to come. I didn't have new year resolutions in 2013 and I don't think I'm going to have any this year. I've had goals each month and each week of the passed year and if I was to do anything some way related to making new year's resolutions then I'd carry over the same habit into the new year. Maybe some of the same short term goals from last year and a few new ones but most of my long term goals have remained the same. I don't see why we should wait till the first of the year to make a firm decision to do or not to do something, it's never really made sense to me. Although I can see why people use the opportunity to do so, seeing the new year as a clean slate and changing things that need to be changed especially if you find it difficult to make changes through the year, but I find that I just don't like the idea the same way I just don't fancy fruit cake. Never have never will. I think we should all try to be better continuously rather than waiting a whole year to set goals and achieve them, that's what to-do lists are for and why deadlines are made.
This year I definitely want to keep regulating my spending, I think I've done a good job so far. It means I'll repeat outfits a lot but it also challenges me to recreate new outfits from the clothes I already have and have a tailor make something new or visiting my mum/sister's closet! Speaking of tailors, I'm looking for a good tailor with good prices here in Lagos! Home service would be asking too much nice as well! Lol
I definitely need more shoes, the staple black sandals and some other basic shoes and some flamboyant/fancy statement shoes as well. Think Sophia Webster, that's just art on feet! But the heels are really something else, way too thin for me. I've just realized I only wear 2% of my entire boring shoe collection mostly because of the heel height as well, I love my kitten heel, I'm in love with comfort!
I want to keep trying more trends, especially print on print! I haven't quite mastered the all white look but it's in the works. One trend I won't get tired of is a high waist bottom worn with a crop top, Love it! Can't get enough of it! Need more of it! I love my high waist pencil skirts and skater skirts a well. Another trend I NEED to get on is the new way of wearing iro and buba like a twist front dress. A couple of Nigerian designers have done their variation of it like Tiffany Amber, Eclectic by Sasha, Ejiro Amos Tafiri to name a few.
Thinking of working on a new header as well. I love the simplicity of what I have there now, but If you've noticed anything from visiting my blog it's that when it comes to headers I like to change things up a lot bit. Funny thing is I always come back to this same basic header with just black text on white background and no pictures! I'll keep you updated if anything comes up but for now let's enjoy simplicity.
In other none fashion/blog related news, I can't wait to get this NYSC year over and done with! Eh! This thing is just stressful and highly confusing, not to mention totally unnecessary.

Just thought I'd let you guys know a few of my plans this year, of course not all of them but I'm still believing God for progress in certain areas of my life as well, which include my personal relationship with God, it's a worthwhile journey and it never ends! Hope everyone enjoyed their new year celebration cuz I did, the 1st is also my dad's birthday but I ended up with a bit of food poisoning. I didn't eat much but I guess the little I ate got my tummy real upset! But I'm better now.
Have a great week ahead x


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