Tuesday 24 September 2013

The Lady Skirt

I must have tons of full midi skirts in various colours and fabrics, print, plain, black, white, mustard, navy, lace, jersey and some others so you'll be seeing a lot of them. I've always liked the easy lady like look it gives, I can dress it up or dress it down depending on how I feel or where I'm going but sometimes I just want the basic jeans and a shirt. 
I follow the 4aces blog religiously and they recently spoke about the skirt as a trend but honestly it's a staple for me. I think it's mostly because I'm fuller on the bottom you know, the pear shaped girl that's very hippy and I try to dress right for my body shape. This skirt just fits right for me and makes me feel the most comfortable, but it's also important to wear the right underwear to avoid the VPL situation (I mean visible pant line... #petpeeves).
Before leaving London I went out with my darling friend Ore, I've featured her on my old blog and I'm honestly in love with her style as much as I'm in love with her, I miss her. We went for lunch at the breakfast club and it was YUM! Even better cuz I had the best company, lots of laughs and catching up.

Monday 23 September 2013

Random Updates: From Writing To Hair Talk

Currently loving this song and the video as well, Lovers In The Parking Lot. Solange is just a breath of fresh air for me and I'd definitely want to raid her closet or just spend a day with her talking about fashion, music, hair, life, everything. Sigh, I think we'll actually be best of friends you know, a girl can dream lol.
Looooooving the trip down memory lane on the 4aces blog with their SATC post, everyone knows I'm in love with that show. Now for that I'd want to raid all four closets of the ladies from SATC, I loved bits and pieces of everyone's style. Then of course have everything made to fit me :)
Also loving this kisua tumblr for a little inspiration and my girl Toyin of The Soho Sister and this blog post she wrote, I could totally relate to it and she wrote it so well too. I used to write quite a lot in the past, mostly when my emotions where all over the place or just built up from different things that had happened. I'd write to release like it was my coping mechanism. I grew older and stopped writing so much, I think I just learnt to deal with things a different way cuz I though writing was a little childish because it was some really deep stuff that sounded a little weird/scary sometimes lol but some how I wish I hadn't stopped. I should start again mostly cuz of my blog, maybe not too personal stuff but not everyone likes to see pictures all the time and it'll actually help me practice more and maybe I'll get better cuz I think I'm rubbish at it now but we'll see. I've been told otherwise but honestly I just think people are being nice, even if what I write sounds good*, I must always have one typo or the other like I really can't speak english, sigh.
*can writing actually "sound" good? Like I said my english might be failing so please enlighten a sister.

Saturday 7 September 2013

Lace Collar

It's quite obvious by now that I was deceiving myself when I thought I'd gotten my mojo back, honestly I thought I had it but I don't know where it's gone again. Oh well...
So on this day I went out with my long lost love Sade of In My Sunday Best. She is the most gorgeous girl and you need to check out her blog, when I'm not blogging I'm stalking her and so many other blogs that I follow.
We had a major catch up session over lunch and the most delish sweet potato fries, which I sadly cannot get back in Lagos so I had to savor the moment. We also went shopping, window shopping et al, moving back to Lagos is making me go crazy with shopping these days it unbelievable. 
 Asos top 
American Apparel riding pants 
Next sandals


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