Tuesday 14 January 2014

Hair Talk: Versatile Protective Styling || Myths

This is what my hair currently looks and people say it makes me look a lot younger like I'm in secondary school but I wanted to try something different without extensions and wigs and I'm really enjoying it. It's very simple and easy to manage because I have easy access to my hair and scalp, I oil my scalp better and moisturize my hair a lot more with simply water and coconut oil. My ends are tucked in which is one of the great things about protective styling, protecting the oldest part of your hair and keeping it moisturized. The best part is when I'm ready to take out the twists it'll look like a 'frohawk cuz of the braided sides shown in the picture. So it's also quite versatile especially for the natural working girls who love a bit of TGIF fun, take out your twists for a funky Friday/Saturday hairstyle and do something new on Sunday for work the next week or stick to the same style, whichever you prefer. I'll definitely do a post when I've taken out the twists but I'm enjoying this updo with a mix of twists and braids. I really should do styles like this more often.
Still on the topic of hair, since moving back to Nigeria I've heard all sorts of myths ideologies and beliefs that I just can't deal with. I've heard someone say "people with relaxed hair will go to hell" and "when you relax your hair the chemical seeps through your scalp into your brain and causes cancer/brain damage" O_O 
But what about my skull?
What some people have to say about wearing anklets is even funnier, someone asked my friend if she's an obanje (a witch) or an abiku (a child that dies and comes back repeatedly), another said she's tying her destiny to the ground. COME ON People! 
It sounds too ridiculous but it's always nice for a good laugh especially if you're having a rough day. 
Don't hesitate to share any myths you might have heard about anything so we can all have a laugh.
Have a great week guys and remember healthy hair is the goal with either relaxed or natural hair. 


  1. Lol..I remember a lady who said that light skinned girls with perfect figure and straight legs are all ''mammy-water'' Loll...I no fit laff oo.
    I can't wait to see the fro hawk .. your natural hair is beautiful ,mine is 2yrs and counting :)

  2. Your hair looks so lovely and thick. I finally did the BC yesterday after transitioning for 7 months.Any tips or regimen advice you can give?

  3. Wow i can't stop laughing; Well someone told me putting on a waist chain makes your buttocks shakes better and gives the bum shape. That's a big lie cos I have seen ladies with waist chain and they wall without shaking their bum... Naija and myths sha may God help us

  4. soooo very funny. someone told me dat if u hit ur foot on a stone, dat means sumtin bad is about happen. at the salon,someone said dat if a nursing mother touches/makes ur hair, d hair will start falln off. someone said it is not gud to sweep at 9t cos it bring evil in. can u imagine!

  5. Yes ooo myths are ridiculous...like they say if you whistle at night you are calling the dead spirit and that a pregnant womwan should always wear safety pin on her belly especially when she is walking in the sun to prevent evil spirit from changing the baby.Very very spooky!

  6. spooky indeed! they also say if ur palm itches u, dat means u are going to receive money soon. lol!!

  7. i also heard dat if a mad person enters d market place, he/she can never be cured of dat madness again. unbeliveable!

  8. Lool ikrrr! What will one not hear in this country Nigeria. Loving d hair Eki! Really Fab! Xx


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