Thursday 21 November 2013

News & Shoutouts!

Heya! Hope everyone's fine. Sorry I've been slacking with the blog, but I'll be back soon I promise.

I want to give shout outs to two blog readers I recently met, Wilmer (from NYSC camp) and Gabriel, a rather frequent commenter and reader of my blog who also goes to my church! Thanks for always visiting my blog and leaving comments too, I really appreciate it all!

I also want to give another shout out to Fola!
She's gotta blog called Fola's Oasis which I love and she's just featured me as a hair crush on her blog! Be sure to check it out guys and shower some love. Click here for more.

Xclamations is also having an unveiling tomorrow and on Saturday as well, check the details on the invite below and make sure you spread the word and come too!

Sorry for the change in font guys, I'm trying to blog from my iPad and its just a mess! X

Thursday 14 November 2013

Choose Wisely continued - Peace Oseyenum

So this is a continuation of this post I put up on Sunday and it's for the ladies, enjoy!

Dear Madame,
I understand that you need stability, as a man I must provide, as a female you need protection and security.
I mean how could I take you from the comfort if your fathers house and bring you a world of unnecessary struggle due to my inability to save and work hard to provide for our household.
But if I told you that money wasn't the all in all, would you still be committed?
If I lost it all today would you still reflect the unconditional love of God?
Would you still respect me?
Would you still submit?
I can assure you now, that if there is any doubt in your mind that any if the above Qs have the answer of no. It's best we go our separate ways now.
It's not because I don't love you, it's because I don't want you to be with me for the things that I have the same way you don't want me to chose you for the looks you have.
The bible doesn't promises a problem free life, in fact he warns us that trials and tribulations will come! So babe are you that helpmate?
Are you the one to calm the storm or will you just add thunder?
Are you the supporter or the hater?
Will you intercede with me at hard-times or gossip with your girls about our problems.
He who finds a wife finds a good thing... So choose wisely.

Stay blessed guys! x

Tuesday 12 November 2013

My 'Carrie' Dress

So what's the story with this post today? It's not much honestly, these pictures are quite old and I don't know why I never put them up. 
Let's call it a Throwback Tuesday!
This dress reminds me so much of the pink dress Carrie Bradshaw (Sex And The City) wore on a date with Aleksandr Petrovsky, a dress he personally got for her from his 'friend' Oscar (Oscar de la Renta). Sigh, to be friends with Oscar de la Renta... Carrie just always knew the right people! 
In a perfect world I'd want to raid her closet and "borrow" somethings for a lifetime, that's not stealing. Or her phonebook/contact list or just be her best friend lol. Imagine me being the 5th wheel in SATC, that wouldn't even make any sense. 
It's nice to let your imagination run wild once in a while, sha just remember where reality is... and right now for me, it's Lagos Nigeria, NYSC camp Iyana Ipaja to be exact
Dress from Aubin & Wills, Zara shoes, Chanel bag and thrifted belt.
But honestly I day dream and think a lot, sometimes a little too much! I find myself always playing back scenes from my past, thinking of what I could have said or shouldn't have said. Especially when you want to give someone a piece of your mind but the minute you want to, the peace of the Lord overwhelms you and you just brush it off. Meanwhile 2 minutes later you are thinking of all the insults that could have come in handy or how you'd have eyed the victim or given them a good hiss. Some can go as far as slaps and smacks, but physical violence is not for me, thanks!
Ok back to my outfit... I just had to wear my blue shoes that I spoke about in an earlier post. I looove them, I don't care if they go with what I'm wearing or not, I want to wear them All The Time!! I wore this to work anyway, hope you like! 
If you're a SATC fan like me, you should check this old marrie claire post about Carrie's best quotes here. I could remember almost ever episode each quote what used, and why it was said and who it was being said to... ay, I Love SATC! 
I added a few of the quotes after the cut with a few more pictures as well.

Sunday 10 November 2013

Choose Wisely - Peace Oseyenum

I don't think anyone is as excited as I am whenever Peace features on my blog, I just love her and everything that flow out of her head/heart! So without further delay, here's another one from Peace dedicated to the guys. If you're a lady reading this and you know a few guys that would like this or benefit from it then don't hesitate to share this link with them.
Dear Sir,
If my hair is the reason you chose me well it's a weave
If my natural hair is the reason you chose me, well there's a possibility that I could go back to a texturizer
If it's the height; I wear heals
If it's the physique; I could blow up after in give birth
If it's the smile; not everything makes me laugh
If it's the personality; I get mood swings
If it's my eyes; they are actually very small
If it's my coco brown skin well unfortunately I'm not blemish free
The problem about choosing me based on my eternal beauty is that it's fleeting and won't last forever. Yes I am fearfully and wonderfully made but so is the other girl
If you chose me based on my character alone well praise God but even that is changing everyday, by Gods grace. You see It's a continuous process of pruning and fruit bearing so even choosing me based on character is still a dangerous decision. So what then? Well if your decision had anything to do with being led by the spirit of God and not fleshly desires then we are making progress. If your decision is also coupled by your desire to fulfil the will of God concerning your life we are hitting some golden nuggets. Ultimately though, if your decision is to love Christ and allow him to continue a good work in you so that you yourself can translate that unconditional love to your helpmate, we have hit a powerful point. They say he who finds a wife finds a good thing. Choose wisely.
To be continued...

I just love it! Keep checking back for the continuation, specially for the ladies! x

Friday 8 November 2013

First Few Days at NYSC Camp

These pictures are not the best but I'll take better ones soon, I was feeling a little sleepy in this first picture hence the weird smile and tired eyes *yawn* and I'm still tired & sleepy.
That's me at Mami Market, trying to make new khaki trousers, mine didn't quiiiiite fit and I'm assuming we all know why... But I'm not big, I'm moderate lol 
With my cousin Uki and I've got 2 more cousins at camp! Yay me! 
Mirabel and I at Mami Market about to eat and then decided to take a picture.
It's been tiring so far, but I'll do a proper blog post on it all later with better pictures, just thought I'd show a few pictures. x

Monday 4 November 2013


I didn't go for any of the Felabration events but with this Mr Garbe shirt I was definitely celebrating with the them in the spirit. You'd remember this shirt from my "Yellow Fever" post, it was still a complete round neck shirt then but I've cut it to what you see now. I got tired of staining it with my make up and messing up my hair every time I wanted to wear it so I decided to cut it up. Honestly I didn't follow any guidelines to get this slouchy look (that I LOVE), so my advice to anyone who wants to do this, just know what you have in mind and cut according to that. You can make an outline, you can even cut the sleeves a little more or make holes at that back of the shirt, I've seen some youtube tutorials with that. I just wanted a wider neckline and viola!
I kinda wish I wore this for my second day at fashion week on Friday (25th Oct), but I wore a white lace top instead just to be safe, I'd have pictures from that up soon. I did get compliments especially at work before I left for the show, but I think this would have obviously been a lot more edgier than safe (especially with my shades).


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