Monday 27 October 2014


Wrap Dress: This one is sold out but you can find others here
Sandals: buy them here 

I went through my things when I took that long needed break. I gave a bunch of things out to decongest and make space for some new things and also remind myself of clothes I haven't even worn. Some still had tags while others had turned into my uniforms after wearing them over and over again. What can I say, when something works I tend to be loyal.
 At some point it felt like I was rebuilding my closet from scratch and then I realised I don't have the almighty closet staple... Black heeled sandals!
"And you call yourself a personal style blogger? You're really not serious" I said to myself as I sat on the floor in a pile of clothes staring at an empty closet. My clothes looked so unloved... lol
In the end Kampke came to my rescue and I found the perfect sandals!... and other things..
Happens all the time, I go in for one thing and come out with 10! But they were having a 60% OFF EVERYTHING sale so that justifies it, I love a good sale.
 I ended up getting some other goodies like this lovely printed wrap dress. I love print and I love dresses so it's perfect for me.
It reminds me of DVFs classic wrap dresses and I'd love to splurge on one someday but this'll do for now :)
Thanks Kampke!

*excuse the excessive hand in hair pose, I'm a little rusty


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