Friday 7 August 2015

Favourites Friday: Nigerian Blogs

From food recipes and outfit inspiration, to make up tutorials or even product reviews, these are five of my fave Nigerian blogs!

Afrolems For food recipes and food inspiration or sometimes when I just want to look at nice pictures of food and ways you can recreate Naija food, I go there and drool.

Berry Dakara Very honest, very open, very interesting kind of somebody. I've met her once and I've followed her blog ever since.
Sisi Yemmie
Sisiyemmie I think everyone loves Sisiyemmie, she's very real and relatable, she was one of the first Nigerian bloggers I started following and I found her through youtube. I've met her as well, she's so nice, she needs to be like my best friend or something (famz life).

That Igbo Chick Not only do I think she's so pretty, I love her makeup tutorials! She's also someone I found on youtube. I follow a lot of people on youtube so expect a favourites post on that soon, maybe my next one?

Zinkata found her through a website I follow almost religiously and I've been following her & her style for a while now. I think it's also really amazing that she has a shop now and I find that very inspiring. Her style can be a little out of the box for me, but that's why she's Zinkata.

For a little bonus, I follow menswear bloggers Akin Faminu and Denola Grey. I'm not a man, but menswear inspires me a lot too.
I'll share my faves in different categories later, but these are my overall faves at the moment.
Hope you enjoyed it, don't forget to share your faves as well. x






    I think I shall be smiling the whole weekend!!! Thanks and a thousand million gajikillion hugs to ya!

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. omigosh!!!!!! We are best friends already!!!! You know I have a girl crush on you !!!! Thank you so much for this feature. Mwaaaaaaaaah!

  3. I love them too although I don't know Zinkata. Thatigbochick inspires my makeup, sisiyemmie teaches me how to cook😋 and Berry is just fun. I love them

  4. Awwww one of my favourite bloggers!!!!!! Thank you so much :)

  5. I hope to make it on your list someday
    Never heard of Zinkata, but will be sure to check it out.



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