Thursday 14 May 2015

In The Rips

I was watching a TV show the other day on a fashion channel and the host was asking people on the street if they considered themselves "trendsetters" or "trend followers", trust and believe that everyone answered with trend setter. LIES. We can't all be trendsetters. 
Personally I find trends that work for me and incorporate them into my everyday looks and sometimes I overkill certain trends like the peplum top. I can NEVER EVER get tired of it.
However, there are trends that I've always admired from afar and thought oh, I don't really think that would work for me. An example is "the all white look". Some people ROCK it and look absolutely amazing and I just drool whenever I see someone who gets it right.

And then they have the audacity to just add a pop of colour or print and just make me cry.

But I feel like white draws too much attention everywhere so I always avoided it but I think I made it work in my last post with the white pencil skirt (a pencil skirt is a staple for me), but I recently bought white jeans and I can't wait to wear them!
Another trend I wasn't really convinced about was distressed jeans or ripped jeans, whichever. 

Some of them look nice, but other's just go all YOLO with it and I can never. I just can't.

Maybe it's just me but I always thought if I tried it I'd look crazy or there would be too much emphasis on my thighs, but all that didn't stop me from wanting to try it out anyway so I bought jeans with just one ripped patch on the knee and I think that'll be it for me. 
It looks similar to this white pair.
I'll try it, but let's be subtle about it.

And no, my ripped jeans are not white, one trend at a time please!
You'll see them in my next post, this time next week. x

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