Monday 14 September 2015

Priorities - Peace Oseyenum

"Sometimes we can get stuck seeking provision first, instead of seeking our Provider. 
Sometimes we can get stuck seeking out approval or affirmation from people, instead of going to God first and experiencing His love. 
Other times we'll see our value in our accomplishments instead of seeing that God created us with value, even before we ever did anything to deserve it. 
Our value is built upon His love for us.
We can so easily sell out and miss our purpose by seeking other things before God's will in our lives. What is He doing? What is He saying? Jesus said He only did what He saw the Father doing - nothing more, nothing less. (John 5:19)
Are we seeking God's kingdom first? (Matt 6:33), Are we putting His purposes first before seeking out provision? 
God will make sure our needs are met when we put His kingdom first."

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