Friday 26 February 2016

My Picks: Tulle Skirt

Don't you just love clothes and the power it gives you to be just about anyone you want to be?
It's like life's a book and every day you get to be different characters through your clothes without having to change your personality as often (cuz that's just psycho).
I wouldn't say my style is 100% girly but I do wear A LOT of skirts & dresses because I like to stick to what works for me and what makes me feel the most comfortable. 
You know that one person who has one skirt in like 5 different prints and/or colours? Ya, that's me.
It's like I have a uniform but it's not as boring as Mark Zuckerberg's closet, though I thought of trying that out once.
My all time fave girl, Carrie Bradshaw in tulle skirts.
My style pick for today is the tulle skirt. It's mostly seen on ballerinas but fashion is influenced by everything. Today you can be in the military, tomorrow a ballerina or even a bird! the possibilities are endless.

Similar shoes here on Kampke
I own just one tulle skirt and I've never worn it until recently for my Orente post, I wore it with an ankara crop top I made ages ago. I've styled it in different ways recently so look out for those posts but I thought I'd share some of my fave style inspirations for the tulle skirt today.
Black tulle this time with a classiv print different frm my ankara.

Black tulle with lace, very feminine. I'll definitly be trying this.

Tulle maxi skirt. It looks casual here but can easily be dressed up with a few changes.

Similar shoes here on Kampke
I love denim and I love it even more with this white tulle skirt! Casual and sweet.

Another white skirt and I really like Rih's take on it. I thought a blazer would make the outfit too bulky but it works on her.

White tulle skirt with stripes.

Try it in a differernt colour, I really like these pastel hues.

I love the mix of a tough leather jacket & girly pastel tulle skirt, perfect opposites.

Another pastel hue with a matching top for a monochrome look & neon pink sneakers for a sporty mix with the girly skirt.

Similar shoes here on Kampke and here
Another striking neon colour, this green skirt defnitily has to be worn with all black, it's way too bright for me.

I want these last three outfits like... NOW!
This, I love. Not sure I can pull this off with pants but I love.

I might wear this skirt just once but I want it.

And this! Best for last... I'm in love, I want it all. Olivia is definitely one of my style stars.

Check back to see the different ways I styled my tulle skirt. Find similar ones here

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  1. I want a tulle skirt in my life at some point! Your outfit is hawt!

    Berry Dakara Blog


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