Friday 9 September 2016

Friday Fashion on Fleek with the last of TCB X Trend.Ed: I πŸ’œ Purple!

I saved my best TCB X Trend.Ed for last! Purple is on of my favourite colours, my favourite of all my favourites actually! Lol
I have a little story to tell you about this dress...

Would you believe that the purple lace bit of this dress wasn't part of the original design of the dress???
I was a bit uncomfortable with the length so Trend.Ed had it altered for me and put in that extra bit of purple lace on the bottom to make me feel more comfortable with the length. 

That's one of my favourite parts of Trend.Ed, they offer and altering/amendment service to make sure their customers a fitted right! Love that.

Lipstick: Taos Cosmetics Liquid Velvetine in Tunis Baby
Top: Trend.Ed
Shoes: Zara
Hair: (always) O'naturals



  1. Beautiful. Really love the lace details.

  2. Wow! Now I have got some DIY to do, I have few dresses that I have refused to let go, even though I am now taller, I will just Lace it. Purple is one of my fave colours too, its my birth month come colour, thanks for sharing


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