Thursday 6 December 2012


Went to Maidstone for a day with Mirabel & Kate. It was fun till it started raining really heavily and our silly brown paper bag primark bags decided to give up on us. Took a few pictures on the bus so here they are.

 candy heaven

the maidstone beach

new river island boots

I'm really sorry for abandoning the blog for more than a week, I do have content for when I eventually get the time to upload the things, problem is just time. I just can't wait to go to Lagos and see my family I've missed them so much! I've been under a lot of pressure with deadlines and uni work in general. People have been dodgy too but it's nothing I haven't dealt with before. Phony people will always come and go I'm just really anxious to see them go or rather spot them and cut them off. Might do a post on that duno cuz I tend to rant a lot and go off point eventually smh. Hope everyone is fine, I've decided to write a little more on the blog. I always thought people preferred pictures to words so I tried to do more of that, but now I'm just going to find a balance. I'm not the best writer anyway. x


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