Thursday 16 May 2013

Crunch Time

Yes people, It just got real!!
First exam is on Tuesday which explains the lack of content recently due to revision, so I will be MIA till I'm done... DONE with Undergrad
*waves hands to the heavens* Thank you Jesus!
Please pray for me guys, really need it cuz I hate my course but some how I just manage to pull through each time. It's God to be honest, and He won't leave me now. 
My story is still being written, I just have to get through this part of the journey :)
Lots of love & blessings,

p.s: excuse the picture, I just had to. One must not take themselves too seriously in life lol x


  1. Hi, i wish you all the best in your exams but you have to JACK WELL(STUDY HARD).
    My prayer for you is that the Lord will send his Holy Spirit to bring to your remembrance all that you have read in jesus name.
    Hope you'r good cos i just saw the news on the ATTACK in ESSEX & KENT on BBC WORLD NEWS

  2. All the best with yo exams! Fierce photo BTW!! lol


Thanks for the comments, really appreciate them! x


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