Friday 31 May 2013

Put No Confidence In Self Or The Flesh - Peace Oseyenum

It is lengthy, YES but I believe it definitely worth the read. Miss Peacy has written another powerful message I believe we can all benefit from, I know I did. She applies submitting all to God to every basic area of our lives and also talks about the importance of totally relying on God. Help us surrender all to you Lord. Amen.

Yesterday we tweeted "Put no confidence in self or the flesh"- today we will be elaborating on this. Now when we say "put no confidence in self or the flesh" we are not saying that you should be shy and insecure, rather your security, assurance, reliance, and dependence is totally on God.

We are aware that our salvation isn't the work of man, but by the death and Resurrection of Christ Jesus, therefore we played no part in it, it was simply by the grace of God. Yet we still try to work everything else by ourselves and neglect the grace of God, then after everything has failed blame God for not being with us.

Now we denounce the world, we denounce satan and evil, some of us even denounce sin yet how many times do we denounce ourselves? How many times do we dethrone ourselves from our high horse? We are not our own God so why do we behave in our attitude and actions like we are collaborating with God in this walk? You can't 'partially' rely on God and 'partially' rely on yourself! This walk is a walk of FAITH, and nowhere in the Bible does it say God helps those that help themselves if that was the case why would Jesus need to die, surely he could have just come on earth to do a few miracles then go back to heaven.

What we are trying to emphasis here this season is the Sovereignty of God and how we need to trust this Sovereign God ONLY.

"Put no confidence in self or the flesh"
Concerning your sanctification process and overcoming sin, this is the power of the Cross made manifest in through the Holy Spirit. Its only by the purifying power of the Holy Spirit can that we can overcome sinful habits, stop trying to perfect your actions before aligning your heart. You don't want to be somebody that looks good on the outside but is perishing on the inside as the pharisees did. So let the work be an inward one. Don't be a person that prays God with your lips yet your heart is far away from him, don't be someone who preaches and teaches about God yet yo yourself don't even know him intimately. Many of us need to go back to God with our hearts yielded to him.

"Put no confidence in self or the flesh"
Concerning your decisions and choices is life, for the bible says commit whatever you do to the Lord and he will establish your plans.
So many times we do things that don't seem quite right, we even pray and try to use scripture that justify our choice, and then wonder why the prayer didn't get answered. Well the bible says whatever you ask in my that's according to the fathers will! Some of us need surrender our selfish will to God and ask him for the desire and grace to only walk in his will.

"Put no confidence in self or the flesh"
Concerning your studies do you know that God already knew that we would need wisdom? That is why he urges us throughout scripture to ask for wisdom and his promise is that he will give it us. Do you know we serve the God of creation, not an idol made by human hands? So whilst your spending hours struggling with your work why don't you spend a while praying and reading your word, seeking his face not just his hands, I think your mind will be more renewed and his word says that he gives grace to the humble and resists the proud so if you know your struggling be honest with God! and humble yourself for help.

"Put no confidence in self or the flesh"
Concerning relationships with people and/or your future spouse, people are put in your life for a purpose its not everyone you have an intimate relationship however we are called to love and serve others, some of us are carrying offence towards others yet we offend God on a daily and he forgives us. What I'm trying to say even with people we need to rely on God its not humanly possible to consistently love those that hate you or offend you. Also when it comes to spouse related relationships this is not something you jump in and out of God despises divorce with a passion so when involving yourself with the opposite sex with intent to marry God has to be the foundation, the director, the absolute everything.

The above where just small examples but IN ALL THINGS "Put no confidence in self or the flesh" and trust God. The great men of our faith (Abraham, Noah, Moses, Joseph, Joshua, Nehemiah, Hosea) And even more ALL had a common principle and that was their faith and complete trust in God.

We pray for more of Gods grace in your life, for you to love God more everyday and for him to be your everything.
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