Wednesday 5 June 2013

Lunch with Rinu

Hey guys, I'm leaving for Lagos today! So happy!!! Can't wait to see the fambam. I've missed everyone so much you'd think I've been gone for over a year lol.
But anyway before I left uni I had lunch with a few friends and trust me to take pictures everywhere, forever carrying my machine of a camera around with me, my friends are even getting tired. #bloggerhabits
My outfit was pretty basic so I added a bit of colour with the ankara scarf, this isn't the first time I'm sporting one on the blog so it's pretty obvious I love my ankara scarves. This is a different print from the orange/yellow one I usually wear, I'm always taking my mum's scarves and I've managed to create a little collection for myself and it's stiiiiiiiill growing :)

 Shorts: Next
Bag: Zara
Belt: Beyond Retro
Denim shirt: Primark
Shoes: Tory Burch

And this beauty is my friend Rinu, continue for more pictures from our lunch date.

We went to Carluccio's for lunch and went then to MAC for Rinu to try some lipsticks and coloured lipgloss. She hates lip colour and I think it looks really nice on her but I wasn't able to convince her :(
After that we got some fraps from Starbucks and took some pictures in the park, it was her last day in Kent and she spent it with Me!
 I've known her for 4 years and she was my first friend here in uni, I'll miss her! :(



  1. Haleluyah, i wish you a very smooth flight to the city of hustlers(LAGOS) in jesus name.Amen


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