Monday 1 December 2014

Hair Talk: Confessions of a Natural Girl

A handsome man once sang, 
"These are my confessions"

  1. I'm yet to master the art of wearing hats with my Big hair and Big head, awesome combo.

  2. I don't always read the ingredients on the containers of the products I buy.

  3. I'm not sure about my hair type and I honestly can't be bothered about hair science.

  4. I take my satin hair bonnet with me on ALL my trips so I can sleep with my hair in it and look like an old maid.

  5. I don't like that my satin bonnet makes me look like an old maid.

  6. I have tried flat twisting several times and I still do not know how to do it. Thank God for O'Naturals hair salon. P.S: Anyone ever tried THREE STRAND TWISTS? Until I can learn to do it, it remains a magic trick to me, same as fish tail braids.

  7. I prefer my hair when it's stretched out. I hate shrinkage but then I'm sure we all do.

  8. I'm addicted to how conditioner feels in my hair and what it does to my hair... AH-DDIC-TED.

  9. I have a habit of trying to convince my family (females) to go natural.

  10. I sometimes wish I had other people's hair because of the texture and/or the length. The same way I wish every outfit I "liked" in instagram would appear in my closet (in my size of course).

  11. I texlaxed once, it was horrible.

  12. I hate it when people touch my hair without asking. It's only polite to ask, I mean C'MON! 
    Here it's called "no home training", well why don't you try to get some? LOL jk

  13. Even though I really want to, I'm afraid to dye my hair. But I REALLY want to!

  14. I really wish natural hair was a lot easier to handle. Basic things like combing, pulling it into a pony tail... Let's not forget wash day. Sometimes when I mention to friends that I'm washing my hair, they'd actually say "pele" as in Sorry!

  15. Because of number 14, I hate wash day.

  16. Because of 15, I leave my protective style in for a little longer than I should.
    No A LOT longer actually, I've had my current twists for almost two months now and that's bad cuz it means I haven't washed it in almost two months!

  17. I hate that I have to re twist my twist outs at night just so they look good the next day, I just get really tired sometimes after a long day.

  18. And because of 14... My relationship with my hair is bitter-sweet, I mean I have serious love-hate issues.

  19. Because of 18... Sometimes I miss my relaxed hair. But I don't think I'd ever relax my hair again, I'd just keep cutting it to a length I'm comfortable dealing with.

  20. I wish I hadn't said 14-19 but I did, meh!

In the end I really do Love being Natural!

What are your Nappy Head confessions? 
Please share! I know I'm not alone and I'd love to read your confessions as well.


  1. Even with its unpredictability, shrinkage and tendency to consume time, one can't help but love it. Your mane is gorgeous!

  2. See that hair! Pls, how long have you been natural?

  3. Hairs like this make me wanna go natural today, but confessions like this keep me relaxed (which isn't cute to me) . How the hell do I start??? Ur mane is gorgeous!

  4. how do i start keeping my hair natural? i mean, maintaining it?? what products do i use? i need steps basically, please..

  5. LOL! You're too funny.
    I hate-love wash day: it takes the whole day sometimes and my sister teases me about my hair saying "with all these things you're putting in your hair, will it grow at all? When will it grow sef? What's this one again?"
    I hate shrinkage too, I'd rather have my hair stretched all day.


Thanks for the comments, really appreciate them! x


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