Monday 23 September 2013

Random Updates: From Writing To Hair Talk

Currently loving this song and the video as well, Lovers In The Parking Lot. Solange is just a breath of fresh air for me and I'd definitely want to raid her closet or just spend a day with her talking about fashion, music, hair, life, everything. Sigh, I think we'll actually be best of friends you know, a girl can dream lol.
Looooooving the trip down memory lane on the 4aces blog with their SATC post, everyone knows I'm in love with that show. Now for that I'd want to raid all four closets of the ladies from SATC, I loved bits and pieces of everyone's style. Then of course have everything made to fit me :)
Also loving this kisua tumblr for a little inspiration and my girl Toyin of The Soho Sister and this blog post she wrote, I could totally relate to it and she wrote it so well too. I used to write quite a lot in the past, mostly when my emotions where all over the place or just built up from different things that had happened. I'd write to release like it was my coping mechanism. I grew older and stopped writing so much, I think I just learnt to deal with things a different way cuz I though writing was a little childish because it was some really deep stuff that sounded a little weird/scary sometimes lol but some how I wish I hadn't stopped. I should start again mostly cuz of my blog, maybe not too personal stuff but not everyone likes to see pictures all the time and it'll actually help me practice more and maybe I'll get better cuz I think I'm rubbish at it now but we'll see. I've been told otherwise but honestly I just think people are being nice, even if what I write sounds good*, I must always have one typo or the other like I really can't speak english, sigh.
*can writing actually "sound" good? Like I said my english might be failing so please enlighten a sister.

What else am I loving? Ah! My natural hair, It's been doing really well honestly. However I have a little news to share with you guys, some of you may take it personal or think I'm taking my hair for granted but please bear with me. I try as much as possible not to be too vain and be too emotionally attached to my hair or make up or fake nails, though I don't really have nails extensions done but you get my point. I know people that feel absolutely naked when they don't have their eyelashes done, it's become a serious addiction. Personally I'm scared of anything that has to with my eyes which is why I'm scared of trying contact lenses instead of always wearing my glasses (my sight's been getting worse since I haven't so I have to use it all the time now). Mascara is fine for me at the moment because I just recently stopped using eyeliner on my water line, so I use just mascara and liquid liner on my eyelids and Dazz all! I digress, what I'm trying to say is I don't want to be afraid of being totally bare faced or having short hair and all that stuff.
Ok back to my news, usually when people graduate they take time out to travel and explore new things, new cultures, places, all that good stuff. Well I have decided to experiment with my hair! I ain't got no time and money to do all that traveling so hair will do. 
I've always wanted to dye my hair but I'm scared it'll spoil the health of it. I've always loved the look of sister locs and wanted to try it out, I've always wanted to know how all my hair would look bone straight, I even want to go back to my days of short hair and the TWA... Sigh! When life was so much easier and my hair was just cute.
Just like I told my mum when her jaw dropped after seeing all my long relaxed hair gone, it's hair and it will surely grow back. Well if taken care of the right way because I know some people who went natural because they liked how others looked but weren't mentally ready and now they're back on the creamy crack. I've never been the natural obsessed with length and trying to see how long I can grow my hair and have it look like a weave. I thank God that my hair grows fast but right now I just really wants to mess around with the 3 years growth I have right now and start over. 
My main plan is to Texturize, Dye, Loc, Relax and Cut. I don't know when exactly I'm going to do these things but they will be done before september next year, so help me God. But yes that's my plan, so what do you think? Honestly even if some of you no likey, I'm still going to go ahead with it and I'll take you guys a log definitely so it should be entertaining. I'm most excited about locking my hair, and even before cutting everything off, I may shave off a little bit in front *side eye*. Honestly I just want to go crazy with my hair while I can so I'll keep you guys updated.

That was lengthy!

P.S: I've registered for NYSC, Lord God I'm praying to be posted to Lagos so we'll see how well that works out. Back to work with Xclamations by Tomi Rotimi but currently being treated for malaria, so injections are the order of everyday. Sorry for any error that may have occurred in the making of this epistle, you were warned earlier :)

Later guys! x

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