Monday 30 December 2013

My Fave 2013 Outfits

It's the first day of 2014 on Tuesday and I'm happy that I've had a good run with 2013, I'm honestly ready for the new year and all that God has planned for me cuz 2013 was awesome and He was good to me. I know that God's been good to you if you are alive to read this post so please, be sure to thank Him amidst the merriment of the season. :)

Thanks to Him I got my first nephew Efe, I graduated from Uni, got a job and survived NYSC camp, met the most amazing person (hello sir!), bought my dream bag and let go of some unwanted baggage as well. I've learnt so much and grown a lot more this passed year and by His grace I'm only going to get better because He is not done with me. I might be leaving somethings out but I want to thank God for the most important thing of all, Life.

If I didn't have life I wouldn't even have this blog and lovely followers like you who visit my blog so often even when I'm clearly slacking or when life gets in the way, and I say thank you again! 

I thought of doing this post a while ago and I never really worked on it but my friend Sade of inmysundaybest had like the best layout and she inspired me to finally do it! These aren't all my outfits from 2013 but I'd say they are my fave ones hence the post title, and looking back I'd say they were pretty decent so it's safe to say I'm proud of my 2013 style choices. I'm no stylist but I think I've nailed it when it comes to looking stylish but still being comfortable and the best thing is I'm still growing and my style is still evolving.
I hope you enjoy this post and have an awesome new year celebration as 2013 comes to an end! xo



  1. I love your blog and your style! Discovered you on Black Girl With Long Hair :-)

    Check out mine too :-)

  2. Cool blog , discoverd u on SisiYemmie's blog... She said it all"Body 2 die 4"..... Muaaahhhhhhhh kip it UP!

    1. Thank you! Hope you keep coming back lol Muaaah! x

  3. Jus discovered you..great style, gorg hair, amazing personality :-)

  4. hey gal...i just discovered your are really talented and stylish...keep it up gal..


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