Monday, 20 January 2014

Its All In The Waistcoat

I love how you can make something new from something you already own and add a bit of character to something old that you have. Like ripped jeans, a plain/patch work skirt with some frayed edges, or a t-shirt with a wider neckline that just falls over your shoulder revealing a bit of skin, Oh I love! I think it just adds some extra personality to your outfit and says a little more about your personal style. 
I love all that but my favorite has to be any form of embellishment especially beading and this waistcoat just takes the cake, it was one of those I had to have it when I saw it pieces for me. I obviously didn't do this myself but I honestly wish I did, it's nice to be able to add a bit of bling to something old to bring a bit of life back to it and with this outfit it's all about the waistcoat. If it had no embellishment it may not even make it to production not to mention the shop floor or even my wardrobe.
Writing this is making me think a lot about creative DIY projects I could do to revive my wardrobe this year, like what I did here with my shirt but this time I'd try beading and see how nice my beading skills are. Again it's one thing to think it or say it but another to actually do it so let's see how that goes. 
For the rest of the outfit I decided to do minimal make up and keep things extra simple with all black blasic and the waistcoat as a statement piece.
P.S: I'm still rocking my protective style and I'm loving it!
Zara waistcoat, Topshop crop top and hoops, American Apparel easy jeans in black, YSL arty ring, Asos silver rings, bracelet from my sister and necklace from my mama

Have a great week ahead everyone and remember to put God first while you hustle. x


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