Monday, 10 February 2014

Hello Love in Yellow

We all know I'm all about the midi skirts, pencil, pleated, skater style, any style, I love them all! 
I'm not saying curvy girls don't look good in other things but personally I think skirts fit me way more than any thing else I have in my closet these days. If it's not a T-shirt and jeans day for me then I'm definitely wearing that T-shirt with a midi skirt. 
I had absolutely no idea what to call this post but banana just seemed best cuz of the green shoes you know, it being a fruit/plant. But there was mellow yellow, banana, make like a banana and split... what else was there? Yello'?!?!. But recently I heard Tiwa's song Love in yellow and I just love how she says "Hello love in yellow"
Valentines day is upon us and this is a cute date outfit if you ask me so feel inspired to copy away and be the one-colour-girl or your boo's Love in yellow for the day! Do put on proper makeup and may be a light pink lip. I just have lip gloss on, nothing special.
Again as I do, apologies for not blogging consistently and God bless you for always checking back.
Zara top and shoes, Asos skirt & Oscar de la Renta earrings.

photo editor of life... lol



  1. You are making me so anxious for spring!! Beautiful!!

  2. I recently stumbled on this blog by mistake and I must say I loooooveeee you fashion sense. God bless you and hope to be seeing more post from you. You look absolutely amazing!!!

    1. Thanks so much, means a lot!! x

  3. You look lovely in Yellow!
    Now following your blog..x

    Olakunmi at The Lady Her Style and Her Lord

    1. Thank you! Following you as well! x

  4. You are GLOWING!!!!������ much luv gurl! You're such an inspiration! Keep been a bad ass chameleon xx


Thanks for the comments, really appreciate them! x


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