Thursday 20 February 2014

Hair Talk: Twist Out Lessons

In April it'll be four years since I did my big chop and went natural and again, it's one thing I really don't regret cuz I've always hated relaxing my hair. Handling my natural hair can be tough sometimes especially as it gets longer but it's all worth it when I see the final result and how nice and healthy my hair looks.
When I do my twist outs I always do it on damp hair. I don't like my hair to be too wet cuz then drying may take longer and I'll wake up the next day with a damp twist out and wasted efforts because I prefer to air dry and not use heat. To avoid having a damp-twist-out-bad-hair-day I spray my hair with A BIT of water. Sometimes I mix the water with oil or a leave in conditioner depending on what my hair needs at the time... listen to YOUR hair.
Now while its damp I detangle with my fingers and smooth out the section with my denman brush.
After that I put in any curling pudding/styling cream that I have and start twisting. Sometimes I don't because I don't like putting unnecessary styling products in my hair, I like to keep it simple, basic and natural.
My twisting method may not be so different from what you already do but all I do is a single two strand twist and then wrap it around into a bantu knot and I do this on my entire head till all my hair is twisted up!
When my hair is all dried the next morning I oil it up with A BIT of oil, before I do my make up and get dress. I oil my scalp if it needs it and put oil on the individual knots as well. But not too much oil please! I hate it when I have excess oil in my hair but if that doesn't apply to you then by all means please oil up and away.
When I'm done with my make up I wash my hands and then rub a little oil in my hand to take down the twist out, this is to avoid frizz. Honestly I think frizz is a little inevitable and I don't mind it the same way I don't mind the inevitable knots I may have in my kinky 4C hair sometimes but the oil just minimizes it and helps the hair look fresh enough to rock for your first day. 
You don't want day one hair looking like you slept on the hair for three days with a cotton pillow case and no silk bonnet, the worst!
The product I used for this twist out is Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter Curl Defining Pudding.
I'm also in love with their moisturizer to take this as a product review and read another review here that I'd totally agree with, it's just more detailed.
If there are any typos in this post please forgive me,
Happy twisting!


  1. Really cute!!! Your hair is so pretty.

  2. Its really really nice!

  3. Okay! I think i wanna go natural ooo!!! Eki u are influencing me! Ur hair is really Gorg!!!!!! Xx

    1. Haha! Thank you and maybe you should! But be sure you're ready first so you don't regret your decision.

  4. Lovely! a bit jealous!

    1. Haha thanks! Don't be, are you natural?

  5. I just had my big chop yesterday
    I should be expecting hair like this in four years [hopefully] ^.^

    1. Well, patience us the key and this is just MY journey. In four years your could be longer and even healthier!


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