Wednesday 18 June 2014

What's In My Bag

A toilet selfie at the airport featuring my fave jacket and fave bag <3
I went on a two week break and decided to take just one bag along in attempt to "pack light" and it had to be my Chanel bag. It's my fave bag cuz I've always wanted to own one, it's one of those things I'd cross of my bucket list right now. I went through some comments and I decided to do the what's in my bag tag suggested by one of you! I'm also working on a post about my make up and skin care routine, I'm not quite the make up guru so it may take a little while and I've been breaking out quite and I'm also in the process of finding out what really works for my skin too so please bear with me.
Due to the size of this bag it's contents have been through a bit of scrutiny so this tag is rather edited, I could only fit in the essentials. On a regular weekday I usually have two bags of crap, one big bag for work related necessities like my laptop/ipad, lunch etc and then my handbag for more personal everyday things. 
  1.  My Wallet
    I've had this for about 3 years and it's from A.P.C. I tend to go for dark colours when shopping for wallets and for someone who loves colours I personally find it weird. It has a few scuffs here and there but I'm not letting it go anytime soon. It's still functional, holds all my important cards and money of course. It's also quilted which reminds me a lot of Chanel and to be honest that's one of the reasons I bought it amongst others.
  2. Nail File
    I've always thought that you could tell a lot about a person from how their nails looks, male or female, having nasty nails aren't a good look. To avoid this I carry a nail file just incase of any chips or broken nails.
  3. A Pen
    Fun fact about me; I only carry black pens around. In secondary school I never liked using blue pens, I'd hunt down a black pen if I ever had to borrow a pen - which rarely even happened cuz I always had like 5 spare pens in my purple pencil case lol. In my mind blue ink made my hand writing look ugly but in reality it really wasn't that serious. The ugly writing theory is out the window now but I still prefer black, I guess old habits die hard. Having a pen is essential, you never know when you're going to need one or be helpful to someone in need of one.
  4. Lipstick of The Day
    What ever lip colour I choose to wear that day always goes in my bag incase I need to touch up. And on this particular day, it was Girl About Town by MAC, my favourite pink at the moment.
  5. Oyster Card
    I was in London for the break so this is a must have if I know I'm going to leave my house. Either this or a travel card.
  6. Trident Splash in Strawberry Lime
    YES! It has to be this one because no other will do! JK I buy other brands and flavours but this is my all time fave, looooove it!
  7. Pocket Tissues
    The solution to a runny nose, dirty hands (along with item no.12), sweaty face or even an oily nose, gotta have it! Picture public toilets with no tissue rolls... Never stranded! Lol
  8. My Phone
    It needs no explanation really. It's my connection to the world of social media, conversation cutter, awkward moment safety net, pocket mirror when I forget mine and boredom killer. It also tells me the weather, keeps my notes when I have no pen and paper, sends my messages and lets me make calls and also wakes me up in the morning :)
  9. Gaviscon
    For uncomfortable stomach situations i.e my stomach ulcer pains, heart burn etc, Sometimes I have the liquid sachets as well which work faster, ulcer pains ain't fun!
  10. Pocket Mirror
    For lipstick applications, food stuck in my teeth, pesky eyelashes stuck in my eye and overall vanity really. People find it weird that I'm able to touch my eyeball with a finger or tissue to get that lash (or any other thing - cringe*) out, but I just can't leave it there! The next best thing is rinsing it with water, then that would ruin my make up, no thanks!
  11. Hair Bands
    I'm fond of losing these so I end up replacing the ones in my bag almost every week or two and sometimes I have bobby pins as well. I just never know when the one in my hair might snap and sometimes after wearing my hair down for a bit I just want it up in a bun so they're very handy for me.
  12. Hand Sanitizer
    I'm not loyal to any brand but I like this one by body shop cuz it's scented and doesn't dry out my hands, it's either this of hand wipes. Again I think this is a must have for everyone cuz it saves lives. Germs and dirt must not prevail!!!
  13. Salbutamol Inhaler
    This is of great importance to me and I also carry a pocket nebuliser as well cuz "It ain't easy being weezy". Battling with this is one of the Major reasons I've been MIA, I wasn't sure about disclosing this info or personal stories cuz it's quite a sensitive topic but I'm sure a lot of people can relate.
  14. Lip Stain
    Even when my lipstick changes, this stays permanently in my bag for those days when I just feel like adding some colour to a bare/neutral look to brighten my face a bit or if I forgot to take lipstick with me. This is my favourite one by YSL and it's colour 13 which is a redish pink.
  15. Earphones
    I usually take my headphones in my big work bag but my iPhone earphones are best to fit in this small bag.
  16. Glasses
    Both sunglasses and my regular glasses as well, you never know when you need sunglasses so I just my fave-pair-for-the-moment in my bag just incase. I don't carry a case around cuz it's too bulky and won't fit so I put them both in this printed cloth case.

You've definitely learnt a few new things about me from looking in my bag today.
I'd probably do another one with my work bag and get started on a few other topics some of you suggested. Thanks again for your feedback and for visiting my blog as well! Have a great week. x


  1. Fun post!

    #3. I'm the opposite. I don't like black pens, even though it's all I carry because I can't seem to find blue pens anywhere! In fact, if I could get away with it, I'd use pink and purple pens only.

    #13. I carry my Ventolin inhaler with me everywhere. Totally understandable.

    Oooh, maybe I should do one of these too!

  2. Great post! I am in love with your jacket, where is it from? ~ A Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

  3. I enjoyed reading this. I love blue pens and yes ulcer pains are not fun

  4. 'It ain't easy being weezy" lol it ain't! At all!
    I'm asthmatic as well, and I almost always have my inhaler in my bag!
    Fun post :)

  5. have learnt a few things fom you cus honestly i barely carry handbag cus i never know what to put in it. Lets just say am not girly, in the process of being, cus my mom began to think am a lesbian lol.

  6. I really enjoyed this post . I was wondering how to this tag in a blog form because it's easier on a vlog . The way you did it made it so easy . Thank you . How did you number the items on the picture? Wonderful post by the way.


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