Monday 17 March 2014

Lucky Number Three

I'm not just saying this cuz that's the number on the shirt but 3 is actually one of my fave/lucky numbers, I have a thing for odd numbers like 5, 7 and the like but somehow I do not want an odd number of kids. Speaking of numbers, when I'm increasing a tv volume and it shows numbers... I always have to increase or decrease but the number 5. I also count steps sometimes when I'm climbing them and get excited when they are odd number, even numbers are boring with steps (lol it's all in my head). Weird Fun facts about me, but hey we all have a little weirdness hidden in us somewhere so leave a comment and don't be scared to share some of yours!
I almost made all the pictures black & white, I just thought it made it all look a lot better and I'm really loving how bad I look in these pictures by the way, channeling my inner tomboy. I've never really considered myself a total girly girl but I have my days. Some days you wake up and want to be Marylin other days you just want to be Kristen Stewart wearing a pair of comfy converse at a red carpet event. Whatever works, just as long as you feel good, sometimes feeling good actually makes you look good/better and confidence takes that outfit to another level. It's like if I wore a white dress to an event and spilled red wine all over it and there's no way I can change... Maybe I'd avoid picture or try to cover it up if I had to take a photo but I'm not about to hide cuz ain't nobody got time for that. Well it'll pain me and I won't even lie about that... FACT is I'll b crying inside but you better ROCK that stain and be confident, it's all about confidence so be a big girl about it.
The above scenario has actually happened to me once or twice, tried using my clutch to cover it up but the stain was on my chest so it didn't really work out I just looked weird trying to cover it up, like why are you holding your clutch so high up? So I rocked it!
Funny thing is, for some people, numbers make them confident. Having a number of things, knowing a number of people, how long it took you to do something, the number of zeros in your account. Sometimes it's good and other times not so good, it could come with greed, envy and all that nasty stuff you wouldn't want stored up unnecessarily in your head. It's like we're constantly trying to keep up with everyone else rather than focusing on yourself and your race. I've learnt that recently, keep a close circle of friends and know who's who, do a good job and always pick quality over quantity any day. Quality of friendships you have, quality of the work you put out there, the quality of love you give and even the love you receive.
OK I'm done! Enjoy the rest of the pictures.



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  2. Eki the STUNNER!!!! totally in love with this Post����! Nice one hun�� xx

  3. Looking good as usual and I agree with you on the point of quality over quantity.
    Your thing with odd numbers; funny

  4. You totally rocked this it! great post...good advice.

    1. Thank you! Happy you could pick something x

  5. Ur like my new girl crush! Love ur style!

  6. Just the way you have things with odd numbers, my love for even numbers is amazing. for example I find it difficult to give someone something in three's i did rather give you four. I love your dress as usual and I still can't believe i saw you at the cinemas I am still excited till date.

    1. Lol Yes! It was great seeing you, we should actually plan to meet up instead of bumping into each other lol take care x

  7. It's funny the way each individual love doing things a certain way... lovely post

  8. Hi Eki, i nominated your blog for the liebster awards, check out


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