Tuesday 22 July 2014

Hair Talk: Simple Tips

Although I've done quite a number of hair features in the past (and left the links here on my blog), I guess it's not the same as having a post about my hair on my blog because I still get a lot of questions about my hair. I'm sure I've mentioned a few things in the past but I don't expect every one to go through my whole blog in search of my natural hair tips and care routine... Long.

Before I get into anything serious, I want to let you know that the hair on my hair growing out my scalp is not the same as yours. We are not the same person so we do not have exactly the same hair. Basically, what works for me may not necessarily work for you. So if you do everything I write here in this post (and others after) and you get results you aren't happy with, Eki is not to blame. I'm just sharing MY routine so practice/copy it at your own risk. Also, I've never said I am a natural hair guru because I really am not and I don't know it all, in a few years all I've written here might change because just like you I'm also learning everyday.

I have a lot to say in detail when it comes to my hair so this post will be broken down into several parts over time. For my relaxed/permed hair sisters out there, I'm also working on getting my cousin to share some of her hair secrets as well. She's started paying more attention to her relaxed hair and it's grown so much over the past few years, so hopefully I can get her to share some tips as well.

So let's begin!

This has to be the number one on my list because my hair is always hidden, my cousin Omozo of O'Naturals calls me "a natural in hiding".
Braids and wigs are major for me, I'm not a fan of weaves because I don't like the look of a closed weave and I don't like to leave my natural hair out because it can get damaged, I learnt that the hard way. All the straightening left me with bald spots and then straight hair right in the front, the worst.

For me it's either I'm trying different braiding styles like box braids and kinky twists or my hair is neatly hidden under a wig. Braiding tends to stress my hair line over time so I try not to keep the style in for too long but over all I prefer to use wigs and my favourites are my big gurly hair wigs. I've always thought straight hair doesn't look as good on me as my big hair does and it's closer to my natural afro as well.
Don't forget that you must also take care of your hair even when it's hidden, you don't want your hair falling out when you finally take the protective style out. Always moisturize and seal, some people wash their hair when they have braids or weaves in but I personally don't like to do that. However, I will clean my scalp gently whenever I feel the need.

With protective styling comes low manipulation. Imagine having to wake up everyday to unravel an overnight twist out or refresh an old twist out so it looks new again, Every Single Day...? I can't, maybe it's the laziness in my but I just can't.
When I first did the big chop I was really excited about my coils/curls, I always had my hands in my hair. I was either finger curling/twisting a section or trying some new products or even fluffing my afro. I always had my hands in my hair! I started having headaches like serious headaches and my scalp started to hurt, at some point my scalp would even become red where it hurt. With all the pain I couldn't tamper with my hair anymore so I stopped playing around with it and the pains stopped. I had a feeling touching my hair was the cause of the headaches because I always wore my glasses. I still got my eyes checked just in case and started to play in my hair again and soon after the pains came back. This time I was SURE I was the cause, in a hell of my own making. I stopped playing in my hair and not only did the pains stop but I honestly think my hair grew a lot faster.

In my first few years of being natural I became a product junkie trying to figure out what does and doesn't work for my hair. But it all changed when I started following more bloggers and youtubers who introduced me to more natural, simple products. I mean it only makes sense, natural products for natural hair! I use a lot of coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil, jojoba oil, apple cider vinegar... The list is endless.

I'm working on my "wash day" routine for the follow up posts but these are tips I swear by so I hope they're helpful to you.



  1. thank you for the tips

  2. Tanx for this post i just had my own big chop 3 months ago and am really enjoying the transitioning, but I like you hair. I will send you a pics of my big chop. www.ethniques.blogspot.com

  3. you are very right. Been natural for a year plus now and still learning.


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