Friday 1 February 2013

Traditional Wedding in Douala

The way they do their traditional weddings in Cameroon really isn't so different to what we know in Nigeria, the only funny thing that happened was when we came they left us waiting outside for quite a while! I'm talking an hour maybe more, so we started singing and making noise to announce our arrival and they finally came out... without the bride of course. Speeches were made about how we have seen a "beautiful flower" and we are interested in "plucking her" and taking her away... To Another Country!
Lol. It went on for sometime but it was really interesting, especially that parts where close friends of her late father got emotional while saying a few things about him. May he rest in peace, Amen.
So she came out after we had given her family gifts and "money for air fare" about 3 times to bring her from the very faaaaaar place where she was cuz they kept bringing the wrong "Jumbi" her traditional name; and asking us if this is the one we wanted. After the 3rd one my sister shouted "C'est ne pas Laurence!" meaning it is not Laurence! in french and everyone burst out laughing and our bride finally came out wearing their traditional Cameroon outfit. 
More things were said and it was time to "break kola nut" and offer it to their parents first and then the rest of their families, we all ate it as a sign of unity between both families. After this the ladies in the grooms family will take the bride to dress her in our traditional Edo outfit and present her to everyone as and Edo bride. When we came back with our beautiful bride it was time for "the hand over" and prayers from the elders and the rest of the family. When handing the bride over, they give her to the grooms father first and then the grooms father then hands her over to the groom himself. 
After all the prayers it was time for some Yummay Cameroonian food and the couple went to change into something more comfortable. Please note that the bride wore 3 outfits! Tradition and culture can be tiring but she looked beautiful in all three. Enjoy the pictures guys! 

Groom's family making noise so they can bring out our bride
Here she is! Lol

The ladies from the grooms family bringing her out as an Edo bride
The bride, my aunties, cousins and sister... I'm the one clapping on the far left :)

First her dad giver her to the grooms dad

Then the grooms dad gives her to the groom and both families pray

The couple :)

Their 3rd outfit


Me, while I was wrapping the gifts for the bride's family. 

My little ootd.
Loved the colours they chose, paired it all with my Obsidian clutch.
Hope you liked have a great weekend!

It's Friday! & the first of the month!


  1. She's very beautiful....nice, nice, all around. I want to hear more about their food, esp d different ways they make plantains.

    1. Thank you so much.
      I'll see if I can get some pictures and recipes from my sister but if not I'll put it in mind when I go back to Nigeria and make a proper blog post. Take care x

    2. we boil plantains, we fry them, we eat them pounded with palm oil and we add red beans and fried oignons (in the west province), or just pounded with pepper soup, we eat them in small small cubes in a sort of stew made with palm oil and lots of spices (garlic, ginger, njansan, etc..)
      lol so we use plantain in many many various ways. I just couldn't write them all
      we have a very very very diverse range of food :)

  2. hey! it felt soo nice to read this piece on your blog. I found it as I was randomly browsing through the web. I am a Cameroonian from Douala too. And you've described the ceremony so so well!!

    Congratulations to the newly weds. They looked fabulous and so did you!

    1. Thank you, I'll let them know!
      And thanks for you comment on how you make plantains, we should get in touch so you can do a proper post on it with more detail if you don't mind. I know people will love it! Thanks again, God bless

  3. i found here pretty Wedding Dress Here that is appropriate for Bride , i prefer such a lot rattling color combination Thanks for sharing This diary .That is soooo pretty! i like the sq. cut layers. it's simply attractive. i actually just like the cut of the sleeves too! you've got an entire ton of talent. I all could not upset that a lot of layers. :) Thanks for sharing it with us! it's wonderful.

  4. Hello! This wedding was beautiful. Was the language barrier an issue? I'm from Cameroon and I'm in a relationship with a Nigerian man. I am really concerned about the language and culture difference. Especially when it comes to the wedding idk how our families will communicate. I'm afraid it'll be very awkward and they be able to connect :(


Thanks for the comments, really appreciate them! x


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