Friday 12 December 2014

Christmas Deals & Giveaways: Nosbrite

It's the season to give and be merry.
Here are a few giveaways and deals that would save you some money this season and give you a chance to win some things!
I'll continue to update you if anymore come up but try to enter the giveaway cuz you never know, you just could win!
All you need to know about this great product is below. I've been using the toothpaste for a while now and I can honestly say it's very good and the lozenges helps clear my airways to avoid asthma attacks and cough.
I wouldn't recommend it if it wasn't true so give it a try. Enter to win & Good luck!
Win 10 packs of toothpaste and 10 packs of Lozenges in the Nosbrite "Answer and Win" Promo!!
NOSAK Healthcare, an indigenous company in the health sector, introduced two new products in 2012 – Nosbrite Toothpaste and Nosbrite Lozenges into the Nigerian market. 

The company, with over 35 registered drugs, recognised the gap in dental and oral hygiene and has responded by developing a unique formula meant to resolve and totally prevent or treat commonly occurring oral challenges which may include bacterial/fungi infection, sensitive tooth, coloured tooth, halitosis (smelling mouth), oral cancer, inflammation (swelling gum), holes in tooth, among others. 

In combating these oral challenges, the existing regular toothpaste containing fluoride or potassium nitrate (for sensitive tooth) has limitation, hence the use of Nosbrite Toothpaste which is recommended by dentists to combat these problems. 
Nosbrite Toothpaste has unique active constituents like bowman birk inhibitor (BBI), a recognised anticancer molecule with FDA since 1992, which is extracted from soybeans. It also has triclosan – a known antibacterial, anti fungi and anti-inflammatory molecule, potassium nitrate – an established molecule for relieving pain due to sensitive tooth and fluoride – anticaries agent, which strengthens tooth enamel.

Nosbrite Lozenges also contains Phosphatidylcholine, (regenerates the cells), Peppermint oil and Menthol (good to treat cough and sore throat). The Lozenges is sugar free, suitable for all adults. Further, the product is registered with NAFDAC.


1. Simply answer the question: How many times a day does the American Dental Association recommend you brush your teeth? 

2. Post your answer with your email in the comments section

3. The correct answer wins 10 packs of Nosbrite Toothpaste and Lozenges (A N5,000 value)

You will be contacted by email on how to receive your gift.

Nosak Healthcare is a subsidiary of Nosak Group. Visit to learn more as well as our Facebook page here

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  1. Answer -The American Dental Association recommends the brushing of teeth to be done twice a day. Email-


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