Saturday 31 January 2015

Cringe Worthy

Guys, have you heard of "Trypophobia"? 
Typing the word alone gives me goosebumps.
Please google it, I cannot even try to upload a picture of an example here, I'm sure most of you would never come back to my blog! Lol
I think I have it. I mean I find it really hard to look at bumpy stuff with a lot of tiny holes (criiiiiinge just writing that!!!). It really irritates me when I see it on flowers or skin especially (in pictures).
I'm talking nausea, feeling itchy, it's just really disgusting. However, I'm ok looking at a stack of pipes and I love polka dot prints but theres just something about seeing it (holes) on a living organism, that's what makes me cringe.
Initially when I noticed I thought it was just me being a bush person (showing some illiterate traits or whatever), but I just found out it's an actual phobia. I still feel a tiny bit awkward just because I've always thought having a phobia for something isn't "normal" (normal being a very relative word here). But I also really hate spiders and cockroaches especially, and that's a phobia too.

Am I the only one who feels this way about holes?
Do you have any other phobias? 

Side note: What do you think of the word "normal", is there such a thing?


  1. Omg! There's a name for it! You're not alone! I googled it and its haunted me for the rest of the day!

  2. the holes thing i dnt have a problem with but cockroaches,wall geckos make me really shiver to the point of having goosebumps..

  3. Hahahaha! funny phobias. I have huge phobias for crawling house insects

  4. Jeez! the photos dipicting this phobia are really really really really really IRRITATING! my skin is crawling as I type *shudders*

  5. Thank you for not uploading a photo here :), smart move lol.

  6. Have always subscribed to the mindset that normality is overrated. It may exist, but is hyped beyond imagination


  7. i thought i was the only one!!! I'm literally squeezing myself now. so there's even a name for it? thank you for nott uploading it here... ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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