Friday 13 February 2015

Never Enough Red

Yes, it's this red skirt again.
You know I love skirts, pencil skirts, skater skirts, maxi and midi, Love them all.
The second thing I love as much as skirts would be lace and I'm crazy about this red lace top. I really love this look not just because of the bright colour (for a Valentine's day date), but the style of skirt is very forgiving and it's going to hide your belly after all that eating.
The lace top and sparkly earrings make the outfit look a little more dressy, don't forget the red lips!
I decided to break all the red with these cute blue heels I got from Kampke, I think it looks almost neutral with all the red going on.

Top: Oasis
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: Kampke
This is definitely what I would wear if I was still in Lagos. Obviously this is an old post as I'm currently in London but I miss Lagos. There's no winter, no coats, just sun & sunglasses.
I really miss the sun and having my hair out, also miss my bf :(

Hope you enjoy your valentine's day celebrations, what ever that may be for you. 
Just don't be a sad-Sally cuz you're single or a Debby-downer for people or couples around you. 
Be happy with you. 
It's only one day anyway and it'll be over before you know it.
Lots of love from me to you and thanks for always checking back! 
I plan to share my progress and some of my writing work from school like I said earlier, I just had to make sure it was all good enough. x


  1. You look so lovely. I love the entire outfit. Love the top. xx

  2. so beautiful

  3. The outfit is elegant & Classy...The top sits well on the skirt

  4. The lace top is everything����


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