Wednesday 6 May 2015

White Out

I'm wearing white!

Although I've always wanted to, I've never had the guts to wear head to toe white. 
Mostly because I can be very careless/clumsy so I'd easily get it stained but I'm also a strong believer in dressing for your body type and I prefer wearing darker colour where I'm bigger. 
Wearing darker colours does a good job at hiding or taking attention away from certain areas but white does the opposite and draws even more attention to those areas you're trying to "hide". 
But sometimes, you don't always have to follow the rules so I thought I'd man up and just do it.
I decided to try something different so I bought this white skirt from Missguided (here) after seeing this post on Shirley's blog, love her. 
Her look was my inspiration for this outfit and I especially love how she tied her t-shirt into a crop top.

It's my birthday today! And April marked my 5th year of being natural, celebrated that by doing a lace front weave after so long.
It also marks a year since the day I nearly lost my life due to an asthma attack that lasted nearly 3 hours, that was the hand of God.
God has been good to me and my family and I am ever grateful to Him for his unconditional love.
He's done so much and if He did it before and did it for others then He can surely do it again, just believe and keep holding on. That's my word for today :)

Have a great day guys x



  1. happy birthday love!! you look beautiful

  2. Hello Eki:
    I hope you have a wonderful birthday!
    Please check my blog,
    We're celebrating...
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. You look great dear.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! Happy Natural Birthday. And thank God for your life.

  5. Happy birthday Eki....and you look amazing in white.
    Thanking God with you for sparing your lif


Thanks for the comments, really appreciate them! x


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