Friday 26 August 2016

Friday Fashion on Fleek! : TCB X Trend.Ed

So the other day, a new clothing store called Trend.Ed (Trend Education) contacted me for a collaborative post and I thought why not!

I love clothes and I've been looking for something exciting for TCB (The Chameleon Blogger, just in case you didn't pick that up yet, I quite like the abbreviation, what so you think? Let me know in the comments below!)

I'd seen Trend.Ed on Instagram a few times (@trendedshop), so when they reached out to me it was a familiar name and I was excited to try something new.

The plan was to go for brunch, get to know more about the company, it's ethos and for the company to get to know a little more about me too. Then it was off to their shop in Tejuosho Shopping Complex with a N10,000 shopping voucher. They also have an online store at

Initially, I thought I wouldn't find anything in my size (pear shaped girl) so I asked a few question about sizing because I know a few of my curvy ladies would want to know this. They assured me the sizes went up to a UK18 and they also offer an in-store adjustment service if needed.

And with this assurance, I WAS READY!

The company representative took me to Craft Gourmet for brunch, we had a great time laughing and gisting, getting to know each other. After Eki was well fed, we set out to Tejuosho Shopping Complex to the Trend.Ed shop and I was impressed!

The shop looked nothing like I thought, when I heard Tejuosho, I sincerely didn't think much of it because I haven't been there since it got rebuilt are the fire incident. The shop is what I'll call "small but mighty," it looks small from the outside but once I went in, I popped and I couldn't stop!

Skirt after dress, then tops and even more dresses... I just kept trying on the whole store! A blogger's dream really, when everything fits and makes you look great. Then you remember you have N10,000 voucher and then you're back to reality and realize you can't buy the whole shop... Yea, that was me.

At the end of the day, I ended up using the voucher and buy more things with my own money because that's how much I LOVED the store. I had to put that in there so you don't just think I'm raving because of brunch and voucher, I actually ended up buy more than N10,000 with my own money and got 5 things (could have gotten more to be honest, but I was trying to be civilized with my bank account).

See more photos of things I tried on at the Trend.Ed shop!

They also have jewellery and LOVE this chocker necklace, they're VERY popular now. I also got the earrings below and the eyelashes I'm wearing there are from Shades by Juliet Ibrahim! I usually don't wear false lashes but these are so soft and natural, they're perfect for me. Find them on Jumia here. I also have TAOS Cosmetics liquid lipstick in Tunis Baby on my lips, find that here or here.

Aside from the jewelry, can you guess what else I bought from Trend.Ed
Over the next few days, I'll be sharing different looks with the items I bought so keep checking back!
And again, thanks for all your support too. x



  1. you look really good in these clothes. you SHOULD HAVE bought the whole shop!!!.... but then again, no, because I want to shop there too ***off to check their online store***

  2. OMG!! this looks so amazing. I didn't know tejuosho had stepped up their game! Trend.ed here i come...

  3. Ah Eki! I'm sure you've bought everything there

  4. LMAO @ so you don't think I'm raving because of brunch and voucher. These pieces look so beautiful, going to check them out! xx


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