Monday 7 April 2014

It's Blue, It's Green

This is like the perfect spring style picture I've ever taken. But no spring in Lagos.
I had no idea what I was going to call this post as usual, but it came to me when someone thought my Asos skirt was blue when I called it green... I know it has both colours on it but it was just fun arguing for jokes, then MJ's Black or White played in my head so I just had to. 
It was either that or No Spring in Lagos.
I wore this out on a little date and ended up switching my heels for some random white sandals by the end of the day, I don't know how some of you ladies do it. I mean I love heels and they look nice, I especially love the way they elongate my legs and sometimes even make me look a little slimmer, but I just can't stand the pain. These heels from Zara aren't so high which makes them one of my fave (mostly cuz of the colour) but I just hate being uncomfortable for a long time, even kitten heels could be unbearable for me if worn for too long. Or maybe I'm just lazy... Duno!
Speaking of heels, I've been drooling over a few pairs lately, some I've seen on bloggers and others while window shopping online. I'm tempted to say I'd do a post on them but we'll see how that goes cuz I haven't been feeling very well, it took the grace of God to finally put this post together and I missed blogging so much! Miss taking pictures, miss dressing up... all of it! Soonish tho, I'll be back :)
Can't forget to give a belated birthday shout out to an amazing man I met a year ago who took these pictures and had fun editing as well! Happy birthday to my best friend Eghosa, some of you would have seen him on my instagram page a few times :)
And also to my friend & blogger Feyi Adesanya, I'm sorry again. But we spoke already and thanks for listening! x



  1. I have a similar skirt and I've been meaning to rock it with a black spaghetti strap top! This just gave me a push! Love!

  2. Your skirt and your necklace are really nice.
    You fashion bloggers make wearing heels look so easy.
    Lol good to know im not the only lazy person.

  3. i love the colours pretty!

    1. Thank you! Looooove your blog babe! x

  4. Lol at 'no spring in Lagos'. You look beautiful. I love your skirt. xx

  5. Gorgeous look, love the necklace!

  6. Nice skirt and I think its green :)

  7. Lovely skirt. U look pretty in it. U can check my latest post

  8. Love loveee loveee!!!!!! xxxx

  9. Your skirt's so pretty. Love the colours


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