Wednesday 23 April 2014

White & Cobalt

I think I'm falling for cobalt blue all over again!
When I got a cobalt jacket from a vintage shop online I fell in love with this rich hue of blue and went on to get a skirt from Asos in cobalt as well and they became one of my favourite pairings (see header).
You know... those outfits you run to when you think you have nothing to wear lol.
Then I saw this necklace in Zara once and knew I had to add it to my little Cobalt Collection, loved the pop of yellow. I couldn't wear all three items together, thought it would be an overkill but I had to pair it with the skirt... and along came this outfit!
A black top and a pair of black heels would work and I'd probably try that out later but a white t shirt from Forever 21 and nude Louboutin heels seemed perfect for me...
 I think I wear too much black.

A little cray as usual

Here I wrote about doing a post on the outfit I'd worn that day, I didn't get around to doing sooner but it's finally here



  1. Lovely combo!!!! Always killing it girl!!!! Xx

    1. You so me way too much love girl! I appreciate it, thank you! x

  2. love this look you look so much like solange

    1. Thanks girl! Love it when I hear that, I'm in love with her style. Hope you're good! x

  3. What a shape!! lol! True African beauty :-)

  4. Lovely Neckpiece......and as usual lovely Shape:)
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

  5. Perfect outfit! and Perfect photos too!!..xx

  6. Wow the statement necklace really adds so much oomph to the outfit. Nice!

  7. nice....
    the necklace is perfect ........

  8. lovely.


Thanks for the comments, really appreciate them! x


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