Wednesday 15 July 2015

My Picks: Stripes or Dots?

There are two kinds of people in this world, the ones that like stripes and the ones that like dots. Circles and lines, which are you?
I also like houndstooth as another classic print but today I'm looking at dots and stripes.
This picture I took is a hint for my next outfit post by the way, a mix of classic prints that I currently own... But which two did I use?
Leave comments with your guesses and check back on Friday to see if you were right.
Personally I like both because they're both prints and I change my mind a lot, one day I'm dots and the next I'm stripes, because variety is the spice of life lol. But recently I'm liking stripes because of my Zara hat pictured above. Also see my Daydreaming post for more photos of it.
Even though I love prints and the idea of mixing prints, I've tried wearing these classic prints together.
Stripes up, dots down
Dots up, stripes down
Small dots and bold stripes
Sparse stripes and small dots
With accessories

With shoes or a pop of colour
Mixing different sizes, big and small

Stripes (or dots) in different colours

In different colour ways
And in my favourite colour, purple!

Leave comments and let me know which one you are. x



  1. The first photo made me eyes pop. Lol. I love the classic prints too. All of them. Can't wait to see which ones you styled together.

    1. LOL I'm happy about that cuz I took it myself! Thanks girl.

  2. They look very dreamy, very fashion forward being paired together. I like both prints, black and white are one of my fav colours. So give me stripes, pokadots, houndtooths or any black any white prints and I'd be very happy. Cant wait to pair this myself, looking forward to your styling on Friday.


Thanks for the comments, really appreciate them! x


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