Thursday 9 July 2015


While looking through these pictures, I imagined myself on an amazing beach somewhere nice. I haven't been to the beach in ages and it's sad cuz I really like going to the beach! Although black wouldn't be my first choice to wear if I was going right now, this outfit just reminds me of the beach, or maybe it's just the hat. Whatever it is, it's got me daydreaming and I need to go to the beach before this year runs out or at least see one even if I can't spend the day there. 
I'm rocking this fringe necklace again and I think it adds some character to this look. Wearing all black never gets boring if you add a little texture with fabric or accessories.
It's another Thursday and I'm doing my best to stick to blogging every Thursday for now, with little bits and pieces in between whenever I can. 
Hope you've had a great week so far and if not it's not over yet so make it a good one! x


  1. Slaying as always!! Love the hat.

  2. Really really cool. Love the monochrome theme.

  3. You look amazing!
    Really clean photos as well
    I love the new blog look!

    1. Thank you Olakunmi
      Trying to upgrade things you know lol x

  4. Great look!
    The slit and the hat add so much to it

  5. I love the combo. That hat!


Thanks for the comments, really appreciate them! x


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