Saturday 4 July 2015

100 Years of American Fashion

100 years of American fashion in 2 minutes! 
I really like this video, and it's the 4th of July anyway so I might as well celebrate the country's fashion!

We need a Nigerian version! :)
Just in case you were wondering, I couldn't pick a favourite year. I just couldn't, I liked almost every year chameleon life. Lol
Maybe it's because the fit and flare cut is one of my favourites and it features in 1915, 1935, 1945, 1955. Hmm...

I like the simplicity of the 1925 dress with the right accessories to dress things up or down, cuz you could easily wear that dress on a casual day sans gloves and all.
I also liked the1965 look, though the pink was a little too barbie for me.
In the end, 1955 was really the peak of glam for me. The accessories, the print, that coat and the colour, Love it all! I say it was the peak cuz it got toned down in the 60's.
I feel like a the glam ended in the 70's, everything got toned down to the max and now we just recycle bits of every year in today's fashion world. In retrospect, fashion is like an endless Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday in the land of social media, whichever you prefer.
What do you think?

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