Thursday 24 December 2015

Christmas Gifts from Me to Me

Once again it's the season for wish lists and gift ideas for your girlfriends, boyfriends and everyone in between. Thoughtful or not, gift giving could go totally wrong and change what was meant to be a memory for the archives into a huge mess. But there's one person that can never get your gift wrong and that's YOU!

So just in case you aren't familiar with self-gifting, I've put down 5 gifts ideas to give you a start.
1. A social media fast/cut down: How many times has your phone fallen on your face in bed at night? Lol, I can't even keep track anymore. I'm either on Instagram on snapchat, wasting hours and depriving myself of sleep. It's time for a cutback. Social media will always be there and when it wasn't, we still survived. There's so much that goes on outside your phone/laptop, some of us are busy living virtual lives that we miss the joys of reality like going out and having a good conversation with someone new or just observing your surroundings instead of hiding behind your phone and online persona. You don't have to cut it out completely unless you want to but maybe cut back on how many hours you spend and make time for other things that I'd suggest in my next few gift ideas.

2. Going to bed early: After a stressful work year and spending miserable hours in traffic commuting, there's nothing better than giving yourself some extra resting time this period. I mean, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain. You'll wake up feeling refreshed, thanking yourself. And who knows, this might just become a healthy habit that sticks! 
3. Treat yourself: Dedicate a day or two to really treat yourself and indulge in what you normally wouldn't. Splurge on something you've had your eye on, after spending so much buying presents for everyone else you deserve some goodies as well! Luxe or not, whatever you desire just treat yourself! Aside from material things, a spa day is always a great idea or lunch at one of your favorite spots. Also, you might not think much of it but actually going to the hospital to get yourself treated is good for you. You've been so busy, when's the last time you had a full body check up, saw the dentist, optician or the Gyne? Don't be lazy! TREAT YO SELF!
4. Take a vacation or "staycation": Take some time off work for a vacation you can afford, you never know what a change of environment can do for you. Sometimes you don't need to plan an exotic getaway to another country (or another state), make do with what you have. Stay at home, sleep in and spend time enjoying your own company. Visit new places and become a tourist in your own city or be a couch potato and enjoy time with yourself. Visit friends as well, convince some friends to take time off as well so you can hang out together.
5. Treat others: Go through your closet and make space for the new year, get out some clothes you haven't worn in months and give them to people who would actually wear them and genuinely appreciate them too. Buy some food stuff, bags of rice, salt, tomatoes and give people who could really use them this season. It's great to treat yourself but treating others is even better, it's not always about you. Putting a smile on someone's face could also help you feel good about yourself. Being selfless is a virtue and in the end, we're all blessed to be a blessing to others so be a blessing. The greatest secret to happiness is making others happy.
You don't have to wait till Christmas to gift yourself, I'm promoting self-love ALL YEAR ROUND. It's not being self-absorbed or self-centered. All I'm saying is; in the process of thinking about others, think of yourself and those who need your help.

Merry Christmas!!!

I'll be travelling soon so posts will dwindle, taking my own advice lol.
For more details of my outfit and to see another way I styled this dress, click here.


  1. I really agree with your list, especially the social media cleanse bit and the treating yourself. There's something I've been eyeing for a while now and it's quite expensive but I really want it and I think I deserve it so I'm going to take your advice and treat myself lol. Your pictures are stunning. Merry Christmas Eki! xx

  2. These are all great gifts. I definitely think I should minimize my time on social media - it's very easy to get jealous and feel like you don't measure up. Sleeping is something I'm doing this long holiday weekend. I also think that a staycation is a good idea - I'm thinking a resort that's quiet, on the waterfront, and has a spa - that would be amazing right now.

    I need to drop off the bag of clothes I don't wear anymore.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  3. Amazing gifts! self love is just so needed. i did two on the list... and i am on social media fast because my phone got stolen at the mall! Sigh.
    you are such a pretty lady!

  4. yeah I am truly agree this idea. Sometime we need to do something for ourselves. So, I will give myself the Christmas this year :X


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