Thursday 10 December 2015

Denim Basket

The woven pattern on this waistcoat reminds me of a basket, hence the post title. Especially now that baskets are all over the place with hampers this yuletide season. 
One thing I'm surely taking into the new year is my love for a denim outfit.

I love finding those "one of a kind" pieces not everyone has. From my mum's closet, vintage shops, thrift stores, gifts/souvenirs from markets across the world, these things excite me. 
Unique pieces like that help you stand out in the crowd and they make for good conversation starters as well. The earrings and waistcoat featured in this post always seem to get a lot of attention especially the weirdly shaped and bright coloured earrings. Sometimes I find myself reaching for them when going for events, just so there's something to help avoid that awkward silence. 
It's definitely one of my favourites.


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