Tuesday 29 January 2013

Cameroon :)

Went to Cameroon for the traditional & court wedding and it was really nice. The trip and the experience was lovely, meeting the in-laws and eating new food, I even got a chance to experience what their night life is like. I must say it's nothing like Lagos but it was really fun, they play a lot of Nigerian music in their clubs so it felt like home anyway.
The DJ kept giving a shout out to us as well lol. The food was real nice as well, they eat a lot of plantain and I love plantain of a regular so I was so excited to eat in in so many different ways! Unfortunately I lost the pictures I took of the food :(
I was happy that I got to pick up a little french here and there, still working on it tho.
The only con about the trip was the airline, Camair-Co. I'm talking 9 hour delays and waiting in the airport sometimes even more than 9 hours, we had to "set up camp" and crash off! Please take this as an airline review or something, they are actually THE ABSOLUTE WORST! Once they gave someone leftover food that was spoilt because they ran out of fresh food, and of course they didn't inform the passenger. Smh. In general Cameroonian people are really nice, some of them in the airport had a real stank attitude but I guess it's always a hard day at work *Shrug.
We went to Douala where they live and Bafoussam which is were our bride is from. It's like how most of us live in Lagos but are really from another state like I'm from Edo. It's nothing like the cities we have in Nigeria like Lagos, Abuja and the rest but I hear Yaounde (the capital) is much better.
So expect pictures from the airport, the wait, the road trip to Bafoussam and the wedding ceremony itself. My outfit wasn't anything fab but the scarf just added a little something to it, I love this scarf! This blog is really becoming more of a photo diary really but enjoy it all the same! :)

The groom!

The man always behind the camera! The reason I even have pictures for the blog... haha!

I honestly never knew we had vending machines in Lagos so you can understand my surprise and why I took this picture. It eats your change tho! Lol

The flight
My sister 

The hotel in Douala

c'est fini!


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