Saturday 26 January 2013

Happy Birthday Miss Tee!

The 18th of January was the actual day but we went out on the 19th to celebrate one of my bestest friend's birthdays, Tayo! I don't want to make this post all emotional although I have the serious urge but Tayo if you read this you already know I love so much and I appreciate our friendship a lot. You've been there for me and I hope we continue to be the best of friends as time goes on, you really are someone special and you totally get me. The memories we've shared over the years, the nicknames we give each other and other people and even the foolishness we get up to (with those videos) make this friendship one in a million. I don't think we've ever fought or had any serious misunderstanding that made us stop talking, it's weird when I think about it but we just love each other too much and I'd never wanna fight with you Tayour!!! Never! Ok enough rambling... God bless you T and I pray He grants all your hearts desires too!

The restaurant we went to was such an amazing choice as well, everyone kept saying we were definitely coming back. It's called Dim T and it's in London Bridge somewhere (google is your friend). I think it's japanese but even if it's chinese or thai or whatever that place is the, I even ordered take away! Lol. Beware, this post is heavy with pictures of food...

Preview of what I wore...

 Tobi (Tayo's sister) & Tayo


Ijeoma!!! So excited to see her after so long!

 Fortune cookie time!! Mine was the botton right :) Nice and simple

But really... I have the most beautiful friends! (inside&out)
 It was just five of us but believe me it was the best night. We all went to high school together and it was so much fun going down memory lane and even catching up on what everyone's up to now including other general bants like politics and the rest. At the end of the day it's not how many people you have at a gathering, quality over quantity any day especially in friendships.
Btw you guys should take those fortunes seriously, they're some wise words in there.
Will do my ootd in a separate post. 
Bye guys.x


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  1. Ogunboouuur! I love you too :D

    Thank you so much for this. I had such a wonderful night with you ladies...

    P.S I'm just remembering how that mango sobe was demolished before its plate hit the table Loool... What a night! <3<3

    Love you Miss Killz.



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