Tuesday 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!!!

I've been a very bad girl and I know this! I've just been enjoying my holiday so much that I completely neglected the blog, so sorry! However I do have a lot of pictures to share as usual, it's just uploading them that takes a while but I'll do my best to be on it!
2012 was a good year, God continued to prove Himself strong for me and my family day in day out and I can't give him enough thanks, He's amazing! Once again if you don't have a relationship with the Lord... People! You need to get on it! It's a journey but it's worth every step.
People came and people left and I'm still on the fence about some others but c'est la vie, I'm getting used to it tbh (might do a separate post on that, still not sure on how personal a blog I want this to be).
I still appreciate those that are in my life and have been around for so long through it all both good and bad times, you lot are the best! Thank you to the little crowd that also remembers to visit my blog every now and then. I'm not the fashion blogger extraordinaire neither am I the best writer but I love blogging and I do my best to seem interesting even though I really am boring lol. I met a few of you in 2012, those who've followed from Ore Meji and also The Chameleon Blogger and just incase I didn't mention it when we met, it was lovely meeting everyone of you! I might have forgotten to say this because I can come off very shy at first lol. Thanks to my family as well... I adore and admire you all, you're my everything!
Till next time, I promise to be back asap.



  1. Happy New Year to you as well.
    I pray this year will indeed be a friutful,Blessed&Loaded year for you,me,our families&Nigeria.

    1. Thank you! Amen, I wish you the same and much more!


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