Wednesday 30 January 2013

eBay Shop & Nails inc. Giveaway

Hey guys, just wanted to remind you about my eBay shop, I've started updating that so please check from time to time, you might find something you like.
I'm also thinking of hosting a giveaway for you guys, nothing big really just nail polish. Everyone knows I really love nail polish so I though that would be a good idea. I'll keep you posted on the dates and the rules so watch this space. I want to make it fun but I havent really come up with anything creative yet but if that fails me I guess I'll just have to be boring with it. I'm doing it to say thank you to all my lovely female readers, but do I really have male readers? Well guys if you read the blog comment below and let me know (that rhymed), I just might do a little something for you as well!

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