Monday 11 March 2013

Product Review: Body Shop Skincare

A while ago I went into Body Shop t see if I could get some products to work for my skin cuz whatever I was doing wasn't working. I've always tried to keep it simple with things I do to my skin, hair and everything else. My hair was doing great and enjoying it but for my skin it just wasn't working out. So now, meet my Body Shop holy grail! :)
I really like this product honestly, I never believed in tea tree till this (and the blemish gel). I like that I feel the tingling in my skin when washing (and using the gel), makes me feel the product is really working! I use this every morning and after that I use the next product to moisturize.

Love it! I don't have really oily skin but this helps with my tea zone area which I wear I'm oily the most. It's not too thick and overwhelming, well except you use too much but it's just right for my skin and helps me control oil to an extent. Every time I want to replace mine, it's always sold out in the store! I always have to order online so I'm guessing I'm not the only one loving this product!

Random: Sometimes I do this thing where I buy the product that's almost gone on the shelf especially when I havent tried the brand/product before and they have a wide range of products/flavors e.g. Chips or drinks, yea it's mostly food and it always works!

Spot treatment: Tea Tree Blemish Gel (my personal fave)
No seriously this thing zaps spots over night and it really helped me because I seemed to have tiny pimples on the right side of my face and my forehead. They weren't a lot but this just helped me focus on each one. All I had to do was apply it on the problem areas after washing (with the tea tree wash) at night and the next morning, it's gone! Well not really maybe after two nights lol.

Conclusion: Of all products I'd strongly recommend the blemish gel. You really don't need to buy everything, I just find that the combination of all three has worked wonders for my face (combination skin) and I thought I'd share. I still use simple wipes to take off my make up at night. Hope you try them out and if you help you can leave a comment and let me know how that worked out for you, we all have different skin types and experiences.


(thought I'd end a post properly this time, I never do! Weirdo)


  1. I am really spotty at the moment and it totally sucks. Might try one of these now after your reviews!


    1. Great I hope they work for you, let me know. :)

  2. An informative post definitely.


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