Friday 1 March 2013

Nice Guys DO NOT Finish Last - Onyinyechi Okeke

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I think there are two types of men: the “nice guys “ and the “not so nice guys” as there are two types of women: “bad bitches” and “awesomenesses”

Notice that the picture of awesomeness is myself… dusting shoulders off… LOL

I think that nice guys/awesomenesses are the people who are into that forever and ever type love. They are interested in giving their partner the world, no cheating, just loving through the flaws into their partners’ full potential the way God shows them to.

I think that the not so nice guys and bad bitches are really just trying to have a good time. Theyre in the “right now”. Always. And if the future happens, awesome! These are the couples you want at your birthday party because boy, do they know how to have a good time

This “Bad bitch” Syndrome has women thinking about whether they’re the hottest, sexiest woman in the room at any given time; whether every guy in the room wants to leave with them. It’s a subconscious competition and its fun! Go ahead with yo bad self!

But understand and acknowledge this: the mature woman (awesomeness) is unmoved by the “bad bitch” syndrome. She doesn’t want every guy in the room to want her. Shes not interested in competing with the “bad bitches” for male attention. She wants the attention of the man who understands that when it comes to her, there IS NO competition because there is no one else like her.

People keep quoting this “nice guys finish last” statement because there are way too many nice guys trying to date bad bitches. You are unequally yoked. STOP THAT. Not so nice guys get to date bad bitches and nice guys get to date awesomeness. It’s really that simple.

Nice guys pursue mature women. They don’t chase after girls that are chasing after the guys that are chasing after easy money and strippers. Harsh? Ok Ill dial it back.

Now let’s be clear, people fluctuate between categories and chill in-between categories all the time depending on the phase of life they are in and their environment. Not so nice guys become nice guys and bad bitches become awesomeness every single day but you have to be mature and ready and willing to do the work. Do you think Usain Bolt sleeps in and chows down on burger king everyday? That’s not how it works. Nice guys and mature women have trained their hearts to the voice of God as to how they need to treat their partner AND HOW THEY DESERVE TO BE TREATED.

Choose the partner you want and be the partner they want. If you want a bad bitch, you better cut out that nice guy stuff and stop complaining. My ears are tired. If you want an awesome chick, you do the work to become a nice guy.

This post is for the nice guys.. You do not finish last. That’s a very lazy and foolish excuse for wanting the bad bitches that are not appreciative of you. The mature woman understands joy and wants that. you will NEVER finish last with her.

Quick side note.. How do you spot a bad chick/nice guy/not-so-nice guy/awesomeness or whatever else you’re looking for? My answer is prayer and stalking. Yup. I stalk my friends all the time and I can tell you who is what and I love them all the same. Instagram is such a great stalking tool! I think people take pictures of things they appreciate. If a girl has 50 pictures up, 35 of her cleavage and bum in awkward positions, 10 of her make up and 5 “others”… what do you think is important to her? It changes if she has 35 of her kid and 15 of her face right? Looking at someones trend of pictures will more often than not tell you what they’re about. It probably applies to twitter as well. ill give you an update on that once I join.

If you’re up for the #honestychallenge, look at your pictures/tweets as a body and identify yourself so that you can date your match and restore balance to our ecosystem.


  1. Thanks for the charge.

    HaPpY NeW MoNtH

  2. I LOVE this...and I totally agree with the instagram and twitter, a lot of things people say and the pictures they post tell a lot about what takes precedence for them.


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