Sunday 24 March 2013

Dinner at Chom Chom

... Kemi's birthday!!

Remember when I mentioned getting dressed up for a friend's dinner? Well here are z pictures! They are quite a lot trying to make up for neglecting the blog, so Enjoy! Lol
In other news, I've been ok. Very busy but I'm trying to cope with it all. The test went well, have a presentation midday Monday and some other deadlines coming along as well. 
Hope you're all doing fine and you had a great week et weekend so far! x

I really liked the all black/monochrome trend that everyone had going on that night btw, I wore jumpsuit and a white leather jacket I got on sale from Zara, with some old python print miumiu shoes :)
And it begins...

 Some cray moments...

Some OOTD pictures (taken with my phone)


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  1. 9ice post, buttered with lovely picz.
    So tell me,how did the presentation go? Hope it went well.;)


Thanks for the comments, really appreciate them! x


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