Thursday 25 April 2013

Morange Girl

Hey guys!
I bought 'So Chaud' lipstick and 'Morange' lipgloss from MAC the other day, trying to experiment with new lip colours, black might be next. So with a combination of that and my current nail colour, I decided to add more orange to the equation! And No... I wasn't going anywhere #bloggerconfession Lol, it has become my lifestyle to dress up with no where to go, unless I'm being casual to the library. Hope you like! x

Fedora, Leather skirt: Topshop
Sweater, Shoes, Clutch: Zara
Rings: YSL & Alexander McQueen



  1. I really want this sweater. it looks great!!!
    If anything can fall down.. sha dont bend to pick it up. lol

  2. Lovely post,i like the Hat and Jacket they look good on you and very nicy

  3. Yessssss!!! You did the damn thng n that outfit hunny!

  4. you are so going to be featured in my next style crush feature on my blog you have such an amazing style


Thanks for the comments, really appreciate them! x


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