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Pride: You.Dirty.Evil.Thing - Peace Oseyenum

Hey guys! Here's another post from one of my fave writers and guest blogger miss Peacy :)
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Pride- self righteousness, selfish pride, pride
that is malicious, indirect/mental/psychological pride.

Pride connected with shyness/low self esteem, conceited
pride, pride related to shame and condemnation.

Pride related to un-forgiveness/offences/sensitivity/emotions.

Pride related to dignity and self importance/
authority/titles/ self exaltation, arrogant pride and ignorance in pride, egotistical pride, competitive pride.

Pride related to rudeness/ bad attitude/prideful
behaviour and characterisation/ , pride related to beauty/self appearance.

Pride related to the inability listen to people
regardless of status etc etc, or pride related to the inability to seek for

There is so much pride in this world that as Christians we may actual be oblivious or just plain ignorant towards the little shapes and forms it appears in. Pride isn’t just the character image of the tall, arrogant, muscular popular guy in American high school films that everyone LOVES to hates but wants to be friends with or pride isn’t just the basic ‘popular cheerleader’ girl who is rude and evil yet everyone envy’s. Nope. Pride is diverse.

If we’re real and honest with ourselves and actually analyse our behaviour pattern or mental reasoning towards why we do things I think we’ll find that in our everyday life a form of pride could possibly be attached, and I think you’ll find out how indirect and subtle
the  crude thing is.

See I really love the transparency in my relationship with God as he outwardly revealed how pride is trying to
destruct me simple because it’s the root to certain emotions or behaviour
patterns in my life. At first I thought God was trying to reveal that I had committed a prideful action when in actual truth I was oblivious to the different formations of pride and how it is the root to many things. Now the reality of
PRIDE is that it’s a deadly disease, more deadly than any tumour to the brain and comes like sheep in wolfs clothing.

Most of us know about:

The lust of the flesh,

The lust of the eye ,

The pride of life

The above all have a degree of pride within them and we see in Genesis that at the beginning of time Eve was
tempted in this formation of three, David was tempted by this formation of three. Even Jesus himself was tempted by this formation of three whilst he was in the desert. So the devil clearly lives by the principle and operation of pride-
The creature himself fell from heaven simply because of that very sin. PRIDE.

So with this truth there is no surprise then that the devil tries to consume the world and the society as well as ‘worldly
wisdom’ (I refer to it as positive gas) with at least small portion and doses of pride. We see this in the educational system with Grammar schools V state schools. We clearly see this in the secular music industry from the lyrics that these ‘artists’ write to the videos that they produce. And it’s practically the
only language that the high end fashion industry speaks.

Now that’s the ‘world’ but as Christians we cannot AFFORD to allow ourselves to live a lifestyle of ignorance, laziness or just oblivion-as I did. Our salvation is too precious for us to be defeated or hindered in this lifetime because of the worldly operation of pride.

Basically if you stop, and just observe yourself, and the world you live in, pride is everywhere- simple. The truth is however God is mighty and is above all powers and principalities. But let’s be honest;

-If we spend the majority of our time entertaining ourselves with worldly influences,  then WHY won’t we be constantly inflicted with prideful sin?

- WHY wouldn’t pride be the root of every mistake, sin or behaviour/attitude or action we make? If we don’t even
spend time praying for wisdom and divine direction from the Holy Ghost?

These rhetorical questions are only being asked to demonstrate and emphasise the importance of having God’s constant influence in our lives. Although we are not of the world the fact is we are living in it, and things will
influence us, but God’s influence should overpower all these other influences. For its only God that can strengthen us completely and it’s only God that can separateour mind, body, soul, heart in totality from the operative influence of this

So it’s obvious really, you want a practical way to conquer pride or anything in that matter- spend time with God.
Simple. END OF.

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