Monday 1 April 2013


Hey guys!
Happy Easter! Hope everyone enjoyed the extended weekend. I didn't, had way too much work on my hands and all nighters have become the usual, this is the disadvantage of procrastination.
Anyone that follows me on twitter will notice I only tweet #nowplaying this #nowplaying that so I've decided to update you lot here on what I'm loving at the moment. Be it new releases, oldies and throwbacks, Nigerian or not, I listen to them all lol.
So I'm currently loving Justin's 20/20 Experience album. Honestly I can't pick one song but Mirror is just something else, more like epic. A lot of people don't seem to like Suit & Tie but I think it only appeals to a certain ear if you get what I mean :/ (confused on how to explain better). It's really not a horrible song, I just think you have to have an ear for a certain sound to appreciate the song and all it's awesomeness. Strawberry Bubblegum, Pusher Love Girl, Tunnel Vision, Don't Hold The Wall... the list goes on. Some songs give me a little nostalgic feeling though, they remind me of his old stuff and honestly I don't mind but it I know some people that don't really like that. Timbaland... Forever a genius.
Currently Loving: Castles remix - L Marshal, Burna Boy & Niyola
Feel Alright - SDC ft Boj & Poe
Can't get tired of: Bastard - Three Wise Men
One song that would describe how I feel right now???
The Weekend - Michael Gray
Because I dance around in bathing suits every weekend and make photocopies of my derriere.
I honestly don't know how often I'll do this but we'll see, I'm just in the library atm tryna take a short break and I thought I'd update you guys.

Recent Updates? Lisa Folawiyo commented on one of my pictures on instagram, and believe me I was starstruck.
Bought new headphones... these ones by Tinchy Stryder, they aren't bad. I didn't even know he made headphones till I entered Curry's in tears. My Bose ones have given up after 4 years! We had a good time, loads of memories too. Might get new Bose ones as part of my bday pressies to myself but for now I'm loving these ones.
In other news...
How do you know when you have fully forgiven someone for something they've done to wrong you? I'd like to believe I'm a forgiving person and I believe in second chances although God has said we should forgive seventy times seven times A DAY (Matthew 18:21), do you know how many times that is? If you don't know math let's just say second chances ain't cutting it with God so I've got to try harder. But how does one even start? I start with with cutting the person off till further notice, you know, just to cool off until I know I've forgiven you enough to talk to you without holding a grudge or clinging to the past. Honestly I have no excuse, God has forgiven me for all so why should I not forgive anyone? It's in the bible countless times and even the Lord's prayer! "Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who trespass against us", honestly I'm not perfect or about to write something epic about forgiveness and how it can be made easy for you really, I have nothing.
I can only update you on my progress though. But for right now, I've cut them all off and honestly time and space helps in the healing and forgiving process.
How long one should take, that I can't say. But not too long, cuz one could go any second now. No pessimism here just being realistic (shout out to my optimist still)
Later guys!

P.S: all of you that are using death as an April fools joke... respect yourselves. Please & Thanks.



  1. Lol I'm like that too all I do is listen to music and daydream along with it! But I totally understand I'm the same way I have to keep my distance for a lil bit just for healing to take place then I ask God for the strength to fully forgive that person. But normally it doesn't take me that long to fully forgive cause I always remember like you said above God has forgiven my sins so who am I not to forgive. But it's hard I really pray that God gives you the strength to truly forgive the person who did wrong too you! Enjoyed your post! Happy studying!

  2. Hi talking about FORGIVENESS, to me it is an easy exercise to practice maybe because am a guy mmmm i dont think so cos it is a command "FORGIVE THOSE THAT HAVE DONE YOU WRONG EVEN AS YOU HEAVENLY FATHER FORGIVEs YOU WHEN YOU TOURCH HIS EMOTIOM;(when you hurt him in sin)" its not easy though but it takes Gods divine ability(Grace)to carry out the forgiving process. God help us forgive those that hurt us so that we will not loose the blessings that you have in store for us .Amen

  3. i like the music collections


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